What to Know Before Your First Visit

Get ready for your first Papa visit with our list of must-read guides.

We know that a Pal's first visit can sometimes be overwhelming, so we put together this list that will prepare you for success.

Before you go on your first visit, go through each bullet point and read each in-depth guide.

  • Pal Safety: Pal Safety is a top priority! Learn about how you can keep yourself and the Papa community safe by reading this guide.
  • Pal Earnings: Make sure you understand how Pals earn and how to set up your Stripe account to ensure you get paid. Details of each can be found in this guide.
  • Papa Visit Standards: These standards cover what is expected of a Pal before, during, and after each visit. It’s important to know these as they can be the difference between being a successful Pal or being removed from the platform. Read more about our visit standards in this guide.
  • Understanding Visit Tasks: As a Pal, you get to choose which visits you want to accept, so knowing what types of activities are included for each task is key.  To learn more about the do’s and don’ts involved with each task, visit this guide.
  • How to Handle Visit Tasks that Aren’t Approved: There might be a moment on a visit where a member will request assistance with a task that is not originally listed on the visit or not an approved task. Read more about how to handle these types of situations in this guide.
  • Six Steps to a Successful Visit: In this guide, you will learn about how to successfully navigate a visit from beginning to end.
  • Providing Helpful Feedback: Understand the importance of feedback and how to offer valuable insights. This guide will help you provide feedback that contributes to improving the quality of care for our members.
  • Using the Papa Pal App: Get familiar with the Papa Pal app, an essential tool for managing and supporting your Papa visits. Learn more about the features of the app, in this guide.
  • Tips for Making a Connection: Building meaningful connections is important, so we suggest you read this guide for best practices.
  • Providing Quality Care: Quality care is at the core of Papa's mission. Learn how to offer exceptional care to our members in this guide.