Trust and safety

We’ve added and improved features to enable a scalable, sustainable, and safe social care platform.

  1. Community Standards

    We established Community Standards aligned with our core values and require Papa Pals to agree to these and other Papa guidelines, each time they accept a visit.

  2. Background checks beyond industry standards

    Manual, white glove reviews of prospective Papa Pals’ histories have been incorporated into our background check process, along with standard reporting.

  3. Enhanced safety education

    We cover Papa Pal and member safety education in more places and ways, including in our Papa Pal orientation video, email campaigns, and on-demand content.

  4. Real-time visit monitoring

    Enhanced Papa Pal app location tracking allows our dedicated Visit Success team to monitor in real-time ensuring visits are filled and member expectations are met.

  5. Detection of visit anomalies

    Visits are reviewed and audited for anomalies (e.g., duration, distance) and Papa Pals can be immediately paused/suspended/banned, if needed.

Human connections

We’ve added and improved features to attract and retain high-quality Papa Pals and create frictionless member experiences.

  1. Papa Pal Advisors

    We’ve established Papa Pal Advisors, a group of top-performing Papa Pals, like Lauren, to surface best practices and gather feedback.

  2. Papa Pal Central

    Papa Pals now have a one-stop-shop for all on-demand educational content that is simple to navigate and easy to refer to.

  3. Preferred Pal scheduling

    Did you know that over half of all visits are completed by “Preferred Pals”? Preferred Pals now receive push notifications when their member requests a visit so they can easily accept.

  4. In-app health plan resources

    Via our Papa Pal app resources feature, Papa Pals now have in-app access to a list of relevant health plan resources for easy member education and guidance.

Outcomes and impact

We’ve added and improved features that enable our care force to impact health outcomes and surface relevant social insights to you.

  1. Earlier assessment of member needs

    Papa now assesses members for loneliness, health status, and social needs during sign-up to enable prescriptive Papa Pal support.

  2. Understand members’ living situation

    For Papa members that live alone, 67% have trouble picking up medications. We now capture members’ “living situation” at registration to guide Papa Pal support.

  3. Enhanced data ingestion capabilities

    We’ve improved and automated file ingestion processes to allow for more flexibility in how we accept information, reducing errors and involvement of your teams.

  4. Streamlined member risks and care gaps

    When surfacing member needs to our social care navigators or your team, we’re taking care to ensure they’re accurate, impactable, and drive toward expected results.

Capabilities of the Papa platform:

Core companionship

A national network of empathetic Papa Pals provide in-person and telephonic companionship plus in-person assistance with everyday tasks. Papa Pals give your members the vital social support they want and need with a helping hand and an open ear, resulting in less loneliness and better health.