Our story

As hard as we try, we can’t always be there in-person for our loved ones.

Andrew (Papa’s CEO) and his family were struggling to balance the daily demands of life with supporting his grandfather Joseph, who they referred to affectionately as “Papa.”

Andrew decided that what his papa really needed was a “pal,” some company, and a little help from time to time.

Their shared experience inspired Papa’s founding in 2017. Today, thousands of Papa Pals build community with people of all walks and stages of life, from the young to the young at heart.

This is our mission: to create a new kind of care, built on human connection.


With wide-ranging industry, technology, and transformation experience, we share a vision for a world where no one has to go it alone. And a deep well of gratitude for the Papa People who move this vision forward.

Dani Bchara

Chief Financial Officer

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Craig Ogg

Chief Technology Officer

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Shaila Parikh

Chief Operating Officer

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Erich Gazaui

Chief Information Officer

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Founded in 2017, we’ve raised $240 million in venture capital to date, reaching unicorn status with our recent Series D. We’re glad for the big backers of our big mission.

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