Companion care services

We do what technology alone cannot—provide real human connection and support to address loneliness and other social determinants of health.

Address gaps

Papa fills a critical need for an aging population, helping more older adults live where and as they choose.

Create connections

Members meet with Papa Pals for in-person or telephonic visits, creating vital connections that improve overall health.

Influence behavior

Papa Pals assist members across generations in making lifestyle adjustments, including engaging with traditional care.

Lend a hand

We assist with IADLs like light housework, errands, and transportation to improve physical and mental health.

Support communities

Our Papa Pals span backgrounds, generations, and languages to support diverse populations.

Mitigate costs

We help members engage in their health care, reducing care gaps and costs while increasing retention and satisfaction.

Proven results

We work with clients to measure performance—capturing member-level insights from their own homes, and delivering detailed reporting on utilization, outcomes, satisfaction, and beyond.

Reduced loneliness


of Papa members participating in a randomized controlled study reported a significant reduction in loneliness.

Improved outcomes


decrease in hospital readmission rates among members in a claims-based analysis.

Higher retention


reduction in health plan enrollment churn for Papa members as compared to non-members.

Higher ratings


increase in the average member's rating of their health plan.

Our technology

Tech has its place, even in companion care services. Our Papa Pals and Care Team are supported with our powerful social care platform—making it easy to connect, view visits, and provide feedback.

Intuitive app to empower our Papa Pals.

Our iPhone and Android apps provide Papa Pals easy access to everything they need to deliver a great experience to your members. They can see visit guidance, safety and educational content, health plan resources, and more. At the end of each visit they are able to report needs and risks back to use in a timely manner.

Tech-enabled social care platform.

Member needs identified by Papa Pals in the home, from our proprietary social needs assessments, or via eligibility file analysis are surfaced in real time for social care navigation or back to the health plan.

Detailed, timely reporting for clients.

We drive unique social health insights and outcomes, and we make sure it’s reported back to you. Regular dashboards are shared with clients and track program activity, identified gaps and referrals, member satisfaction, and more to track performance against goals.

How it works

Thousands of Papa Pals are working to lighten the load and brighten the day for members nationwide, in person or remotely. They offer companion care services, provide encouragement, remove barriers, and help reduce the complexity of navigating technology and care.

  1. Members sign up by phone with our Care Team.

    Papa works with you to introduce the benefit and onboard eligible participants. We proactively reach out to members, increasing enrollment and utilization.

  2. Members meet with Papa Pals.

    Papa Pals browse visits on our platform and select the best fit based on preferences and availability. We keep track of the details, identify gaps, facilitate escalations, and provide optional companion care services to improve engagement and adherence.

  3. Member feedback and data drive ongoing improvements.

    Post-visit, we gather member feedback on how their visit went. Papa Pals’ documentation of risks and needs helps us (and your members) get better and better!

Interested in Papa for your members?

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Are you a care provider, social worker, or health plan representative interested in connecting an individual with Papa’s services? At this time we only offer companion care services to eligible health plan members. Please reach out to their health plan to see if they offer Papa services and for more information.

*Papa presently does not provide services directly to individual consumers. Please be aware that responses to this form submission are intended solely for inquiries from health plan or employer organizations. Any other inquiries will not receive a response.