Flexible family care

We’re not another digital-only solution—we’re care and companionship at your front door with a unique kind of employee health, well-being, and wellness program. Our Papa Pals help lighten the second (or third) shift load, improving work/life balance, reducing stress, and fostering well-being for employees, children, and parents.

Give back time

Whether it’s groceries, light house work, or taking Fido for a walk, our Papa Pals put time back in your employees’ day.

Support working parents

Our Papa Pals love to play, but they also help with homework, snacks, meals, and more while Mom or Dad works from home.

Care for aging parents

Employees can’t be everywhere at once. So, we provide peace of mind with companionship and non-medical care for loved ones.

Create space for recovery

We all get injured or sick occasionally. Papa Pals ease the load and remove barriers to healthy healing.

Support DEIB initiatives

Our Papa Pals are diverse, just like your employees. We support families with different backgrounds, structures, and languages.

Create an impact

Our self and family solution simplifies complexity and engages employees, addressing physical and mental health at the root cause.

Stand out in the race for talent with caregiver benefits.

New guide for employers looking to attract and retain employees.

An attractive benefit

Papa supports the people that support you, a true win-win. We address often overlooked causes of employee burnout and departures, and help you attract, retain, and grow a healthy, happy, and productive workforce.

Eliminate the second (or third) shift


73% of employees have some current caregiving responsibility.

Improve employee well-being


57% of employee caregivers report clinically-significant levels of stress, anxiety, or depression.

Remove barriers to productivity


80% of caregivers feel their responsibilities have impacted their work.

Reduce the impacts of absenteeism


33% of employees caring for others have an increased incidence of absenteeism.

Avoid the loss of critical talent


32% of employees have voluntarily left a job due to caregiving responsibilities.

Our technology

We pair tech with services for an unbeatable human experience. Our apps connect Papa Pals with employees to provide care for aging loved ones, children, pets, or themselves.

Easy to use Papa Care app for employees.

Available for iPhone and Android, our Papa Care app makes it simple for employees to schedule and manage at-home or virtual visits, and specify personal, child, or elder care needs.

Intuitive app to empower our Papa Pals.

We use a powerful algorithm to determine the best Papa Pals for your employees and their family members. Our Papa Pal app provides all the information they need to deliver a great experience every time.

Detailed, timely reporting for clients.

Through the Papa Care app and post-visit surveys, we provide reporting on utilization, satisfaction, and outcomes. We even gather employee testimonials, so you know just how much of an impact you’ve made!

How it works

Our Papa Pals make thousands of new friends, young and not-so-young, across the country every day. They provide companionship, encouragement, and assistance when, where, and how your people need it. And it all starts with a “hello.”

  1. Employees enroll online.

    We work with you to introduce the new benefit, educate employees, and drive enrollment. We offer co-branded materials and proactive outreach to encourage adoption.

  2. We match them with Papa Pals based on their needs.

    Employees use the Papa Care app to request in-person or online visits with Papa Pals. Our smart algorithm finds the best match for a playdate, personal task assistance, or a visit with grandma.

  3. Employee feedback and data drive ongoing improvements.

    We gather information every visit to ensure your employees are engaged, satisfied and getting the help (+ results) they need. Our vetted and highly-trained Papa Pals make an impact you’ll feel organization-wide.


Eliminate point solutions, with the flexible family care benefit that leading employers choose to increase productivity, reduce absenteeism, and support a changing workforce.

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