Listening to our Papa Pals: Insights from In-Depth Interviews to Power the Future of Care

New findings demonstrate the sweeping impact of companionship on members, Papa Pals, and their broader communities.

Reaching for Health Equity

Read Papa’s research about the impact of social support services on the overall health of DSNP members.

Rx: Human, Spring 2023

In this issue, we explore the financial and non-financial impacts of health inequity, answer your pressing questions on SDoH, and look at some of the steps the federal government is taking toward health equity.

Bringing Health Home: The Shift to Home-Based Care

Listen as health care professionals discuss the post-pandemic shift to health care in the home.

Innovating Health Care for the Aging Population

New innovations in the health care industry are helping older adults to maintain their health and dignity as they age.

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