What is a Papa Pal?

Papa Pals support our members with things like companionship, help around the house, shopping, and transportation. 

Become a Papa Pal and use our mobile app to browse flexible work opportunities, book visits with members, and work whenever you want. 

Doing good never felt better.
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You'll love being a Papa Pal

Earn what you want

As a Papa Pal, there is no limit to the number of visits you can complete, or the amount you can earn. In addition to hourly pay, you may be eligible for commute pay and bonuses based on how many visits you complete.

Do meaningful work

Being a Papa Pal means making a difference in your community. The support Papa Pals provide has an impact on the well-being of our members. Sixty-nine percent of Papa members felt less lonely after visiting with a Papa Pal.

Work on your schedule

Papa Pals have complete control over their work schedules. Want to plan ahead? Book your visits up to 30 days in advance. Have some extra time? Grab a nearby visit today. And, with members nationwide, Papa Pals can work from anywhere.

Keep learning and growing

Papa Pals help build supportive, human connections while getting invaluable experience with real people. You’ll gain valuable skills that are transferable to nearly any career path, including health care.

Enter your phone number to start your application.

How it works

Papa Pals do everything through the Papa Pal app. If you’ve used a smartphone, you’ll find it easier than ordering lunch.

  1. Browse & book

    Browse nearby visits and find the ones that work for you. Then, just tap to accept. For more earnings, book your visits up to 30 days in advance.

  2. Show up

    Call the member 24 hours in advance. Show up on time, follow our Community Standards, share feedback, and have a great visit! The Papa Pal app will track your visit.

  3. Get paid

    You’ll earn an hourly rate, plus bonuses based on the number of visits you’ve completed, and other factors. Papa Pals are usually paid within 2 business days.

Become a Papa Pal today

Fill out an application

  • Provide driver’s license.
  • Share insurance information.
  • Create your profile and review agreements.

Complete our screenings

  • Complete a background check.
  • For those doing transportation visits, we’ll do a motor vehicle record review.
  • Once screenings are complete, you’re almost there!

Onboard and complete ongoing education

  • Watch a training video and review compliance acknowledgments.
  • Regularly review the content at Papa Pal Central.
  • Receive regular emails and texts with helpful information and best practices.

Our team will be available to answer any questions that may come up.

The Papa Pal app

Download our app from Apple or Google Play to begin browsing and booking visits. Choose the visits that work best for you, same day or up to 30 days in advance. You can manage your visits and find support all within the app.

Complete your application in minutes.

Once your background check clears and you complete the onboarding steps, you’ll have access to available visits near you.

Work from anywhere, anytime, with uncapped earnings.

  • Michelle & Sara

    Sara was struggling to keep up with her household tasks and two adorable pets. Michelle had just lost a friend. Now, Michelle and Sara have forged a close relationship that helps them both.

  • Michelle & Christine

    When member Michelle started to lose mobility, Papa Pal Christine stepped in with companionship and support, effectively re-opening Michelle’s world.

  • Robin & Doris

    Robin, a retired nurse, became a Papa Pal so that she could meet new people and help them. Little did she know that one member, Doris, would quickly become one of her best friends.

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What Papa Pals do

Papa Pals support members in a variety of ways. The Papa Pal app allows you to browse visits and book the ones that work best for you.


Pick up groceries or medications for members, along with other items that make life a little easier.


Give members a lift to the doctor’s office, the bank, or anywhere they need to go.


Have a great conversation, go on a walk, watch a movie, or cook something together!

At home

Help members be more comfortable at home with light cleaning, laundry, meal prep, and more.

Ask us anything

Here are some of the most common questions we receive from our future Papa Pals.