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No one can do it alone. Not the little ones, aging ones, or even those in between. Papa Pals answer the call when you or your loved ones need support. Check with your health plan or employer to see which of these Papa benefits your plan includes.


Papa Pals love a good card game, stroll down memory lane, or a new recipe. If it’s good company you need, they’ve got it in spades.


Need a ride to a doctor’s appointment, help running errands, or picking up groceries? They’ll safely get you where you need to go.

Everyday tasks

Keeping up with the house can be overwhelming. Papa Pals offer light cleaning and gardening, meal prep, organizing, pet help, and more.

Technology assistance

Our Papa Pals are here to help you set up and learn how to use devices and applications to stay in touch with loved ones, enjoy games, and so much more.

Child and parental support

We offer companion caregiving to eligible members. Parents can rely on Papa Pals for homework supervision, after-school snacks, and entertainment.

Caring for loved ones

We can’t always be there in person for the ones we love. Papa Pals are available as companion caregivers nationwide to provide a little extra help to aging family members.

What Papa members say

I knew I could use a service like Papa because I have health issues and cannot bend down or walk very well. My Papa Pal Kristin goes above and beyond. She made my Christmas because she made me an amazing green bean casserole that I ate to celebrate!

Brian·Papa member

I was very independent. Only recently was I ready to accept help from anyone. I need my Papa Pal Yvette to go to the store and take me to my appointments. No matter what I ask her to do, she does it. She visits and provides companionship.

Margaret·Papa member

The pandemic happened, and all my social activities stopped. I was in a new home with no family close by to help me, and my friends were isolated because of COVID. I cannot wait for my Papa Pals to come each week because they help me stay connected to the outside world. It’s such a wonderful service for me.

Ingrid·Papa member
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How to get started

Making your next best pal is a cinch. Health plan members can enroll by calling 1-800-348-7951. Employee members are able to enroll online, then use the Papa Care app to schedule visits once eligibility is confirmed!

Sign up through your eligible Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, or employer-sponsored plan.

Schedule your first visit and tell us when, where, and how we can help.

Let us know how your Papa Pal did so that we can find you the perfect match!

  • Doris

    With some help from Doris’s Papa Pal Robin, Doris cleaned out her apartment and has started taking steps out of her wheelchair.

  • Dale & Joan

    As his wife Joan’s primary caregiver, Dale gets much-needed respite during Papa Pal Yvonne’s weekly visits, while Joan gets the support and companionship she needs to feel safe.

  • Ronald

    Ronald took up painting as a form of therapy after returning from the Vietnam War. He enjoys sharing his art and experiences with his Papa Pals.

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