Five Ways Your Loved One Can Benefit From a Papa Pal

Papa Pals help your loved one expand their social circle and include activities in their daily lives that may have once been present.

You want to be sure your aging family member gets the care they need. But you might not be able to visit all the time and help out, especially if you have a full-time job or don’t live nearby.

Papa Pal can give you peace of mind and the social experiences your elderly loved one needs. This could include help with grocery shopping and meal prep to ensure they’re eating properly. Or maybe your loved one needs help with light housekeeping.

What if they enjoy going for walks but can’t get out without assistance? And if they live on their own, they may simply look forward to social interactions—conversation, crafts or card games, for example. Well, a Papa Pal caregiver can provide all of these services and more!

An elderly woman and her companion caretaker talking and enjoying each other's company in the backyard.

Five benefits of senior companion caregivers

A Papa Pal provides services that add to the health and well-being of the senior in your life. This includes all of the following:

Companionship may prevent depression

As people age, they may feel isolated from the rest of society. This can be due to the loss of a spouse, decreased mobility or independence.

Through regular, caring contact with a Papa Pal, your loved one will receive the compassionate support and assistance that adds a ray of sunshine to each day.

Social interaction can support cognitive function

Activities such as games and art projects are fun, but that’s not all. They also provide a mental challenge that helps an older mind maintain concentration and focus.

Activities like playing cards, doing crossword puzzles, painting or knitting help your loved one’s mind stay active and engaged.

Papa Pals provide technology support to help seniors stay connected

Ours is quickly becoming a technology-driven world, and many seniors feel lost when it comes to smartphones, email, and the internet. But these things are often a must when it comes to paying bills or staying in touch with family and friends.

Papa Pals can answer questions and help your loved one understand and use technology without frustration.

Papa Pals can assists in nutritional health

Older adults with limited mobility may find themselves eating poorly simply because they can’t access the foods they need for good health.

Papa Pal can help your loved one get to the grocery store to purchase fresh, healthy foods and prepare well-balanced meals for them.

Companion care adds to quality of life

Variety is the spice of life! Papa Pals help your loved one expand their social circle and include activities in their daily lives that may have once been present.

Papa Pals are like grandkids on-demand, providing the social experiencestransportation, and support that adds to a joyful existence.