Find a Fulfilling Part-time Job Helping Others

Working as a Papa Pal is a rewarding experience with an array of positive impacts.

From shared tasks to shared conversations, one Papa Pal explains what she loves about this flexible gig job

According to Rebecca Seindenberger, becoming a Papa Pal has led to some of the most rewarding work she’s ever done. In fact, she recommends the role to anyone who wants a fulfilling part-time job helping the community.

Rebecca recently started working as a part-time Papa Pal companion caregiver in eastern Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley. She's a qualified teacher who is currently a stay-at-home mom and publisher.

We caught up with Rebecca to learn more about what makes being a Papa Pal a fulfilling part-time job.

Searching for a fulfilling part-time job helping the community? Hear from a Papa about what makes this flexible gig the right fit.
According to Papa Pal Rebecca Seidenberger, one of the best parts of working as a Papa Pal is knowing you're making a difference in the lives of others.

Why do you work as a Papa Pal?

“To me, being a Papa Pal companion caregiver means being able to earn money for my family while also making a difference in my community. I called my husband after my first visit and said, ‘That was the most rewarding hour. I can’t believe I’m getting paid to do this.’ It is incredibly fulfilling to be able to make a difference in someone’s life.”

Why is this work important?

“I know too many friends and acquaintances who are struggling with parents receiving diagnoses at a young age. These people often have young children and careers, and are not able to give their families the help that they need. Something as simple as running to the grocery store or the pharmacy in the middle of the day shouldn’t be a challenge. Papa takes away the difficulty of these tasks for both Papa members and their families.”

What are the 3 most important qualities of a Papa Pal?

“Compassionate, flexible, and personable.”

What are the 3 most important skills of a Papa Pal? 

“Flexible (I used that twice, but it’s so important), a ‘can do’ attitude, and being perceptive.”

In addition to earning extra income, what are other benefits of the job?

“I feel like a broken record, but it’s incredibly fulfilling. I honestly love this job. Also, I plan to do more visits once my kids are back in school this fall.” 

Is working as a Papa Pal a good fit for parents who want to work during school hours? 

“This job is incredibly flexible, and is almost entirely during school hours. I can look at my children’s school schedule in advance and work around any special events, activities, etc.”

What tips would you give to a new Papa Pal?

“To be perceptive. When you walk into someone’s house, look around and don’t be afraid to offer extra help. During my last visit, I noticed new smoke detectors in each room. I asked the Papa member if I could install them for her. It felt amazing to help her have the safety of working smoke detectors. I’m glad I opened my mouth and offered.”

Papa Pals help Papa members with a variety of tasks, but most importantly, they provide companionship. How does this work? 

“What sets aside a Papa Pal is that you’re not just tidying someone’s house or driving someone around, you are doing it together. I spend hours talking to Papa members while we’re grocery shopping or tidying up. That’s not something that happens if you hire Uber or a cleaner.”

Do you connect personally with Papa’s mission? 

“Yes. I became interested in being a Papa Pal because my father passed away 3 years ago from Alzheimer’s, and I was always grateful for the amazing, loving, caring people who helped with his care after his diagnosis. That’s the same feeling I have towards Papa and the company’s mission. I love that I now have the opportunity to be a companion caregiver and provide other families the support they need.”

Find a fulfilling part-time job as a Papa Pal. It's a gig that gives back.
The chance to help others in the community inspired Rebecca to find a fulfilling part-time job as a Papa Pal.

What do you enjoy most about visiting with Papa members? 

“As I said before, it’s incredibly fulfilling. Everyone who I have visited so far has been very thankful and appreciative.” 

What advice would you give to someone considering becoming a Papa Pal?

“To take the chance! Schedule a visit. It only took one for me to be hooked.”

Find a fulfilling part-time job as a Papa Pal

One of the best aspects of being a Papa Pal is through giving back to others, you’re also earning extra income. Papa Pals are paid an hourly rate, plus gas reimbursements and bonuses. They can work a few hours a week or more. It’s a flexible gig job that gives back.

As a Papa Pal, you also have time to make new connections. It's a mutually fulfilling experience with an array of positive impacts for the Papa Pal, Papa member, and their loved ones.

Ready to find a fulfilling part-time job? Click here to apply to become a Papa Pal .

In addition to working part-time as a Papa Pal, Rebecca Seindenberger is the publisher of Macaroni Kid Kutztown to Allentown and Macaroni Kid Bethlehem. She lives in the Lehigh Valley with her family. Macaroni Kid is a weekly email newsletter and website for parents and families with local editions across the country.