A New Brand for a New Kind of Care

The world has changed, and we have too. Learn about our recent rebrand and the updates we’ve made to our mission and vision for a new kind of care.

A message from Andrew Parker, Founder and CEO, Papa

If this is your first time visiting our website in a while, you might notice it looks a little different. The world has changed, and we have too. The last two years have made clear the deep importance of human connection, during times when many of us have felt increasingly isolated and alone. 

The health care industry has recognized the impact of loneliness and other social determinants on overall health. That if we’re to exponentially improve the health of the nation, we need to focus on factors outside of the clinical setting—from access to transportation to nutritious food in the fridge, the environments in which we live, and our social support systems.

As we considered these dynamics, and Papa’s growth, it became clear that it was time to refresh our brand and its expression—placing more emphasis on the value of human connection, made real. Our new brand, as well as our updated mission and vision embody our belief that people need people, and that everybody needs a pal from time to time.

From my Papa to yours

In 2017, I had a simple aim: a pal for my papa, Joseph. He needed someone to keep him company and give him a hand every now and then when we couldn’t be there ourselves. Our family saw firsthand the difference made by a little bit of extra support. We knew that the difficulties he was facing in remaining independent, and the strain we felt in trying to support his desire to age at home were not unique and that having a pal nearby could help countless others, too. 

Since our founding, we’ve expanded from supporting older adults like my Papa to serving people of all walks and stages of life, working with health plans and employers to advance health equity and promote well-being through real, human support. We believe that the answer—to personal care that considers the whole person and their whole circumstances—is a person.

Our new mission statement and vision bring that aim into focus. Our mission is to create a new kind of care, built on human connection. In ensuring that every person and family has access to a caring and empathetic pal—as we all do, sometimes—we envision a world where no one has to go it alone.

At Papa, we believe we can’t do it alone because we’re not supposed to. Connected is how we come into this world, and we believe it’s how we’re meant to live in it, too. These words propel us forward as Papa. They guide big decisions and small ones. And, they help us raise our ambitions to build a world with greater connection and community.

We’re all Papa Peeps

With a mission and vision focused on the connections between people—from the young to the young-at-heart, from individuals to families—we needed a new look and feel that was more human, engaging, and real. We needed it to speak not just to the health plans and employers with which we work, but to the millions of members we now serve, and the tens of thousands of Papa Pals who are carrying out our big mission every day. We wanted our brand to be modern and fun to reflect that we’re creating a completely new kind of care.

We landed on a bold new color palette and font system, updated our logo, and increased the use of photography to reflect the unique people that make us what and who we are. We also created a series of custom illustrations we like to call our “Papa Peeps.” They represent our members, Papa Pals, and people. If you look closely, you can spot my Papa, Joseph, in there! (He’s the one with the two fluffy puffs of hair on either side toward the right, living his best life!) You’ll note that none of the Peeps are skin-toned and that we’ve found other ways to celebrate the diversity of our Papa Peeps. It was important to us not to segment our Papa Peeps into groups, but rather to demonstrate inclusivity.

People need people

I’m so proud of the work we’ve done to bring our new brand expression to life through this digital home. As you click through, you’ll see the language of our mission and vision come to life, and meet a collection of Pals and members who demonstrate what makes Papa special. Among them, you’ll meet member Claudette and her Papa Pal Michael, who bridged the 60-year age gap to form a rich friendship over coffee and playing cards. You’ll meet Papa Pal MaryAnn, whose love of gab brings laughs to members when life feels heavy. And you’ll meet member Ingrid, who lives on a farm in rural Wisconsin with her chickens and dogs and stays connected to the outside world through her weekly visits with her Papa Pals.

Papa member Claudette holding her pet chicken in her backyard

For Papa—and for me—each of these stories is part of something bigger. They point to what is possible through the power of companionship, by addressing loneliness as a critical driver of health, and by broadening our view that health goes well beyond health care. 

Take a look. I can’t wait to hear what you think. 

We’re Papa. We’re here to help.

Andrew Parker, CEO