Meet Claudette & Her Papa Pal Michael

Papa Pal Michael and member Claudette like to play cards and catch up over coffee.

Papa member Claudette playing cards with his companion caregiver, Michael

Papa member Claudette thought she needed help only with chores around her house when she first met Papa Pal Michael. She lives alone and is used to doing things independently, but Claudette felt isolated and alone during the pandemic. As their weekly visits progressed, household chores and errands evolved into conversation, playing cards, and ultimately a beautiful friendship. Every Friday morning, Michael comes to see Claudette, and they start their visit with a cup of coffee. They sit and chat about current events, family, Claudette’s life experiences, and remember her husband who passed. They spend a lot of time laughing because they have a similar sense of humor.  

As Michael sweetly shares, “We couldn’t be more different, but we connected from the beginning, and now she tells me I have become like one of her own children. I know Claudette's daughter wanted her to move into a retirement home, but now she feels that having me to rely on will help her stay in her home with the people she loves.”

Claudette expresses her admiration for Pal Michael: “I don’t know what I would do without him. He does so much for me. He even took time to come and see me on Christmas Eve because he knew I would be alone.” Claudette’s overall well-being and mental health have improved through this unexpected and very dear friendship.