Meet Ingrid, Papa Member

Ingrid loves the company, and help she gets around the house from her Papa Pals. During the pandemic, they’ve kept her connected to the outside world.

Papa member, Ingrid smiling while holding her pet chicken

Ingrid, 62 years old, was used to living a very active social life before COVID hit. Coinciding with divorce and a move to a new house, Ingrid felt the burden of several major life changes happening all at once. Ingrid’s fibromyalgia and mobility issues also made it hard for her to get things done around her new house. So, when Ingrid’s health plan called to tell her about Papa’s services, she jumped at the opportunity to have a Papa Pal help her. She explains, “The pandemic happened, and all my social activities stopped. I was in a new home with no family close by to help me, and my friends were isolated because of COVID. I was alone all the time.”

Ingrid’s Papa Pals come weekly and help her organize, do household chores and provide companionship. Ingrid enjoys the company and found human connection through her Pals. Their visits reduce her loneliness and improve her overall physical and mental health days. She describes, “I love using Papa Pals. I cannot wait for them to come each week because they help me stay connected to the outside world. I look forward to their visits because it’s such a wonderful service for me.”