Your safety comes first

Here is guidance to help keep you and our members safe. 

Before the visit

  • Always review visit details.
  • Call the member 24 hours before the visit to ask questions, confirm their needs, and get any additional insights. 
  • If you do not feel comfortable taking the visit or feel you are not the right Papa Pal to help the member, you can cancel it in the app or by contacting Papa Support.

During the visit

  • If the visit task isn’t what you confirmed with the member or it isn’t a Papa-approved task, kindly let the member know and share that they can contact Papa with any questions. Guidance on how to communicate this message to a member can be found here
  • If you ever feel unsafe or uncomfortable, you should leave. You will not be penalized by Papa. Once you feel safe, call Papa Support at 800-775-5697 or chat with us in the app so we can learn more and take action.
  • If you ever need emergency help, call 9-1-1. Emergencies are situations that require medical help (an ambulance), police, or firefighters right away. Once you’re safe, call Papa Support so we can take action.   

After the visit

  • Provide specific feedback on the visit and the member. Your feedback helps us provide a safe and positive experience for everyone. We actively review and investigate complaints about both member and Pal behaviors to make sure our Visit Standards are upheld. Violation of these standards may result in suspension or removal from the platform.
  • If you feel you aren’t the right fit for a specific member’s needs or you’ve had a poor experience, you can request not to see that member again by contacting Papa Support. Making this request will prevent you from seeing any visits from that member in the future.