Protecting Pal and Member Phone Numbers

Protect your privacy with our Masked Numbers feature on the Papa Pal app. Learn why it’s essential, how it works, and key details to remember.

Masked numbers are temporary phone numbers we assign to you and your members to make communication more effective and safe. These numbers are a safeguard, ensuring that personal phone numbers are kept private.

Why is this feature important?

By hiding your real phone number, we lower the risk of Pals and members receiving unwanted calls outside of Papa visits.

How does this work?

  1. Open the Papa Pal app and tap “Call Member”.
  2. Your phone number will be automatically changed to a masked number. Masked numbers use primarily Miami area codes, so you and the member will each see a number starting with 786-998.
  3. Each set of numbers is unique to a Pal-member relationship and will remain the same throughout your interactions.

Things to know

  • Up-to-date phone numbers: This feature will only work if we have your up-to-date phone number, so make sure it is correct on your Pal profile.
  • Turn off caller ID block: This feature requires your caller ID to be enabled. If you usually block caller ID, remember to disable it when using the Papa Pal app to make calls.
  • Texting not supported: Right now, you can only make calls. If you try to text, you’ll get a message to call instead.
  • Calls are recorded: We record calls for safety reasons. We might listen to them to resolve potential disputes if there’s a problem.

Your safety matters

As we continue to try and improve the overall experience for both our Pals and members, your safety is our top priority. For this reason, we strongly encourage you to use the Papa Pal app for all your calls with members. This will ensure that personal numbers and everyone’s privacy stay protected.

To learn more about Papa Pal safety, read this guide.