Closing gaps in care

Papa’s Star Enhancement program is built around well-defined objectives the company has proven it can impact and directly attribute to its program. Through this program, Papa drives foundational activities for Medicare Advantage members by removing barriers to access, like lack of reliable transportation; identifying and scheduling appointments with in-network providers; coordinating in-home assessments; and more. Supported activities include:

  • Annual wellness visits and in-home assessments to establish and maintain a clear baseline of each members’ health status and condition
  • Health immunizations, such as annual flu vaccines
  • Preventive and disease-specific screenings, such as cancer screenings and diabetic eye exams, to manage chronic conditions

Improving CMS Star Ratings

The program’s utilization of on-the-ground Papa Pals and remote social care navigators drives results for historically hard-to-reach populations, often beyond what care management teams can achieve alone. Here’s how Papa’s CMS Star Rating improvement program is different:

Trusted, in-person support

Over the course of millions of visits, our national network of Papa Pals have formed trusted, lasting relationships with members, even those who are historically hard to reach. Pals become confidants and important allies in their members’ health journeys, and having their in-person support often makes all the difference.

Coordinated care with last-mile support

Papa’s social care navigators don’t just connect members to local providers or community resources, they can deploy in-person Papa Pals in thousands of cities across the country to help members follow through. Pals fill critical gaps members often struggle with, like reliable transportation to the doctor, in-person support with benefits navigation or medical forms, and importantly, emotional support and motivation.

A proven solution

Since Papa’s social care navigation capabilities first rolled out in 2022, we have uncovered more than 150,000 unmet social needs and care gaps, resolving issues such as risk of losing housing, trouble paying for groceries, and lack of transportation to medical appointments and social gatherings alike.

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