A closed-loop care system with clear objectives

Papa’s SDoH Navigation program is part of a new set of offerings, built around configurable, well-defined objectives that Papa has proven it can impact and directly attribute to its program. While continuing to connect individuals with critical needs of all kinds to appropriate resources and/or their health plans for support, Papa’s new SDoH Navigation program focuses on seven common challenges its members face:

  • Housing insecurity
  • Food insecurity
  • Home and environmental safety
  • General transportation access
  • Access to care
  • Community engagement
  • Medical financial security

The Papa difference

Through our platform, in which Papa Pals serve as trusted “eyes and ears” in the home and report back findings via an easy-to-use application, Papa is uniquely positioned to both identify and help resolve unmet health-related social needs. Here’s what makes us different:

Foundational trust

Over the course of millions of visits, our national network of Papa Pals have formed trusted, lasting relationships with members that gives them unique insight into members’ unmet needs and perfectly positions them to aide social care and health navigation objectives.

Eyes and ears in the home

In recent in-depth interviews with 16 highly engaged Papa Pals, one in four said they often or always notice a risk to the health, safety, or well-being of their members while in the home. Supported by easy-to-use tech, Pals can report observed risks and updates on members’ wellbeing in near real-time. From there, our social care navigators take action.

Last-mile support

Navigation alone is not enough to resolve health-related social needs. There are often other hurdles that require hands-on support to overcome, like a lack of transportation or feelings of fear or anxiety. Papa’s social care navigators can deploy in-person Papa Pals to help members follow through on referrals or to check on potential risks, for a truly closed loop system that can scale with ease.

Proven social care navigation

Since Papa’s social care navigation capabilities first rolled out in 2022, we have uncovered more than 150,000 unmet social needs and care gaps, resolving issues such as risk of losing housing, trouble paying for groceries, and lack of transportation to medical appointments and social gatherings alike.

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