Who Needs a Papa Pal?

Papa is committed to serving and supporting a diverse array of people in need.

Papa Pals make a difference in the lives of others

Who needs a Papa Pal? So many people. You might be surprised.

Papa’s mission is to create a new kind of care that connects people in a meaningful way. Across the country, Papa Pals support a diverse array of people in need.

Who needs a Papa Pal?

Yes, Papa serves older adults and seniors. We also serve younger individuals and families. We serve people with chronic illnesses and disabilities—some of which might be invisible until you get to know someone really well. For example, there are many health reasons someone might not be able to drive or lift things or walk their dog.

And sometimes, Papa offers temporary relief—helping people get back on their feet after a stroke or COVID-19 or surgery. 

Who needs a Papa Pal? So many people. You might be surprised.
Felicia (left) credits her Papa Pal Michelle (right) with helping her get back on her feet. Today, Felicia works as a Papa Pal and helps others do the same.

Felicia's story

Felicia lives in southeast Michigan and was healthy and able-bodied until she contracted COVID-19 in 2021. As weeks and months went by, she experienced residual effects that seemed to be worsening, not getting better. She was using her inhaler way too much, and her doctors were concerned for her heart. 

At her job at an answering service, her customers kept asking her to repeat herself because she was wheezing and breathing heavily. She often had to take the rest of the day off after working just three or four hours.

If Felicia expected sympathy from the company, she didn’t get it. In fact, they refused to give her any time off. She had already received several warnings and was about to get fired.

On top of all this, she was constantly going back and forth from the pulmonologist to other doctors—and had to take public transportation because she didn’t have a vehicle. She was exhausted and trapped in a debilitating cycle. 

Connecting with a Papa Pal

Then, Felicia’s health plan told her that Papa helps connect their members to real people (called Papa Pals) for assistance with companionship, everyday tasks, and transportation—including rides to doctor’s appointments. That sold Felicia on the idea and she signed up.

When Felicia’s Papa Pal, Michelle, picked her up the first time, she went above and beyond Felicia’s expectations. “She made me feel like a celebrity,” Felicia says. “She wiped off the door handles with Clorox wipes, offered me a mask and a bottle of water, and held the door open for me.”

Taking the next step

Soon, Felicia began opening up to Michelle and sharing her story. Michelle told her that she should consider being a Papa Pal herself. The work is flexible. She could choose her hours. She could work a few hours a day or more. And, she didn’t need to worry about getting fired for taking time off. 

Today, Felicia no longer needs the services of a Papa Pal herself. Instead, she works as a Papa Pal supporting others. She credits Papa with helping her get back on her feet—and now helps others do the same. “I like that Papa not only provides services for seniors but for families in general,” she says. “I love that they’re all-inclusive.”

Working for Papa has enabled her to break that cycle of struggle and start a new, healthier, more meaningful life for herself—all while making life better for the Papa members she serves.

For Michelle and Felicia, being a Papa Pal companion caregiver means making a difference.

Find meaningful work as a Papa Pal

Does the idea of meaningful yet flexible work sound good to you? Working as a Papa Pal is a great fit, especially if:

  • You’re looking for part-time or occasional work
  • You want set your own schedule
  • You want to earn money while doing good
  • You want to work a few hours a week or more
  • You’re looking to boost your income

As a Papa Pal, you get to decide when you work and how often. You can work as many (or as little) hours as you like. If you hit it off with a particular Papa member, you can visit them again and again—a great opportunity to build a relationship.

Is this the right time for you to join the Papa team as a Papa Pal? Apply today!

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