Top Reasons You Should Be a Papa Pal

Discover the many benefits of a flexible role as a companion caregiver, and how you can help make a difference in the lives of older adults and families.

Top reasons you should be a Papa Pal including togetherness.

Giving back to others is good for you—mind, body and soul! Non-medical caregiving jobs are no exception, providing meaningful work with fair pay. If you’re a nursing or healthcare student, or just looking for a job you can feel good about, consider becoming a Papa Pal.

Being a Papa Pal is considered one of the top caregiving jobs, offering flexible work that fits your busy schedule and an unmatched sense of fulfillment. You’ll get to connect with seniors in your community while becoming better prepared for a career as a caregiver.

Being a Papa Pal is fun and rewarding, and offers the opportunity to learn valuable skills for a long-term career in nursing or healthcare.

What is a Papa Pal?

Papa Pals provides flexible work with an emphasis on fun and companionship. As with other top caregiving jobs, a big portion of your job is to provide an amazing experience to seniors in your community.

Pals provide assistance with everyday, non-medical tasks, including laundry, transportation, cooking, and light housework. But one of your most important jobs will be to offer socialization and companionship. Papa Pals play games, go for walks or help them with arts and craft projects.

If you’re fairly tech-savvy, you can also help by teaching seniors about technology, including smartphones, computers, and tablets. You might even connect with them virtually to take your “Scrabble battle” online in a match of Words with Friends.

You might find it especially fulfilling to teach seniors how to use Facetime or create a video chat on their computer to connect face-to-face with their children or grandchildren if they can’t see them in person. You can help make their life easier and more convenient by showing them how to pay bills or order groceries online. And you can make sure they are protected by warning them about internet scams and hoaxes. Show them the red flags to look out for, and you can both have greater peace of mind when they use the internet independently.

Get set for a career in health care

Male nursing student learning valuable lessons in senior care from being a Papa Pal.

Nursing students and others interested in a career in health care may enjoy the Papa Pal experience as a way to get their feet wet before embarking on a decades-long career of fulfilling work caring for others. You’ll learn valuable lessons in connecting with seniors in an empathetic way that preserves their dignity and helps them continue to feel like valued members of society. If you aren’t sure if a long-term career in senior care is for you, Papa offers a fun, engaging way to decide.

How helping others helps you

Non-medical caregiving jobs tend to be fulfilling work. You already know it’s beneficial to the seniors you’ll spend time with. But did you know becoming a Papa Pal is also good for you?

1. Make new friends

As a Papa Pal, you’ll have an important role in the life of our members and their family. You’ll widen your social horizons and learn how to interact with different demographics–young and old. You can make new friends while you experience the rewarding work of helping someone maintain a sense of well-being. You’ll also get to enjoy all their area has to offer in terms of entertainment and activities.

Papa Pals can even engage in intergenerational activities with our members, creating a greater connection with an even larger community.

2. Stress less

Work that challenges you to give back to your community is good for your mental health. Fulfilling work can give you a sense of purpose and add to your happiness. If you start to feel sad or stressed about your life, you can connect with our members, find common ground to discuss, and feel a bit better. They may even have stories of their youth they can share. Without even knowing your situation, they could help you put things into perspective.

3. Build your confidence

Maybe you’re heading towards graduation and feel you need to develop your “people skills” to work with your future patients as a caregiver or nurse. Learning how to handle emotional situations, as well as day-to-day tasks, is all part of caregiving. As a Papa Pal, you’ll have one on one interaction with seniors in your care, and as you gain experience, your confidence will increase.

4. Stay physically active

Papa Pal walking with members to stay physically active.

Senior caregiving jobs can help prevent a sedentary lifestyle—a common problem for students who often find themselves behind a computer screen or buried in a book.

Daily walks with seniors, sightseeing tours or even shopping are good for both of you from a health and mental health perspective.

Who knows? You might even decide to take a tai chi or yoga class together, staying fit while connecting in unique ways. Activities that push you both out of your comfort zones will keep the members young at heart while helping you build increased confidence with every endeavor.

5. Learn something new

You’ll learn empathy, understanding, and responsibility in your role with Papa. Making time to be a good communicator through listening and sharing is an important skill for a professional in the healthcare field.

You might also learn new, efficient ways to complete household tasks, as every family has their own unique way of doing things.

You could be introduced to cuisine from different cultures, tourist spots around town you never knew existed, and stories about families with a history different from yours.

All of this knowledge will help make you not just a better caregiver, but a more well-rounded person. And that could help you in every area of life.

Interested in joining us? Papa offers caregiving opportunities throughout the United States. If you’re interested in meaningful work and flexible work that fits your life and career goals, we’re looking for you! Join Papa today.