Make an Impact as a Papa Pal

Being a Papa Pal will bring light into your life, and will make a positive impact in your community.

You’ll know in your heart that time spent as a Papa Pal matters

Looking for a new part-time job or something worthwhile to do in your spare time? Why not choose an experience that will be fulfilling and impactful. Being a Papa Pal companion caregiver will bring light into your life, and will make an impact in your community.

Make an impact by working part-time as a Papa Pal.
You’ll know in your heart that your time spent working as a Papa Pal companion caregiver really matters.

We all have bad days, days we feel alone, or days our mind won’t leave us alone.

Think about what has helped you throughout these challenging moments. Was it a friend checking in? A family member knocking on your door with your favorite meal? Stepping outside to say hi to a neighbor? Joining a new club at the community center?

Human connection is impactful, and it’s something you can provide when you work as a Papa Pal. 

Make an impact as a Papa Pal

Papa Pals are paid companion caregivers. They work part-time helping older adults, seniors and families in their own communities by offering support with a range of tasks and activities. Most importantly, the role is about companionship and doing things together.

Papa Pals have an inspiring job at hand. Many people who use Papa need this service because their friends and loved ones can’t be there for them due to a variety of reasons, or because they’ve become isolated due to life circumstances.

By providing companionship, Papa Pals can improve a number of aspects of another person’s life.

You’ll know in your heart that your time spent as a Papa Pal really matters.

Loneliness impacts health

Research tells us that if you maintain strong connections with others, you may be able to reduce the risk of chronic disease. There’s also a connection between Alzheimer’s and loneliness. And, people who experience loneliness may be twice as likely to develop a form of dementia. 

When a Papa Pal provides companionship, they're also supporting mental health and wellness. Papa Pals truly make an impact.

Throughout the past few years, we’ve seen just how much isolation and loneliness can impact mental health. So when a Papa Pal provides companionship, they're also supporting mental health and wellness. 

We also can’t forget about physical health. Sometimes, all we need is a little encouragement to get outside and get fresh air and exercise. Something as simple as a short walk with a Papa Pal can make a positive difference.

It’s ok to need help

Many of us struggle with the idea of asking for help. We don’t want to bother others with our own problems, or we believe no one would be interested. The truth is we all need a little help.

Papa Pals can reduce the stigma of asking for help. Many of us feel uncomfortable if we need support, or if we can no longer complete the day-to-day tasks that we used to accomplish on our own. 

This is where Papa Pals step in.

Papa Pals are like a friendly neighbor. They're there to ask you about your day, to help you with groceries, to help you learn how to use new technologies, and to encourage you to get a little exercise. A Papa Pal's goal is to be a friend who is encouraging your well-being while having fun making a positive impact.

But Papa Pals aren’t nurses. They don’t provide any medical care or personal care. Time spent with a Papa Pal is all about companionship.

Supporting families

Families sometimes experience feelings of guilt when they can’t be there as often as they would like for each other. Guilt can be experienced at different levels due to our own personal expectations. We may also feel guilt when we need help. Sometimes we don’t want to ask too much from others.

When you show up as a Papa Pal, you’re not only helping another person, you’re also helping their family. A Papa Pal can help families balance their many responsibilities simply by taking care of errands and household tasks. The simple act of picking up prescriptions or folding the laundry takes a little weight off of everyone's shoulders.

Some Papa Pal visits may include helping a Papa member with their children. For example, you might help by watching a child at a playground, with the member present.

But caring comes in many different forms. Some Papa Pals even assist parents with young kids. For instance, they can play games or even tutor a child while a parent is in the other room taking a work meeting. Plus, Papa Pals can also help when a parent is recovering from surgery or illness, and is not up to outdoor exercise and trips to the playground with young kids.

As a Papa Pal, there are many ways to make a positive impact.

Sharing your knowledge with others

Everyone has knowledge and experience from which someone else can benefit. Why not put your knowledge to good use as a Papa Pal? Share a hobby you're passionate about!

For example, if you love yoga, offer to teach a Papa member your favorite breathing technique. Or, share a new TikTok recipe you're obsessing over and have fun making the recipe together.

Never forget that everyone has knowledge that can make a positive difference in someone else’s life.

Enjoy variety at work

Every Papa visit is unique, and there’s a tremendous amount of variety in what you do. You might find yourself experiencing a new activity for the first time.

It's a great opportunity to create new memories with others. You may even get to cross something off your bucket list.

Get started and make an impact as a Papa Pal

Giving back may be one of the most important actions we take in life. There are many ways to give back to the community, but it can be a challenge to find the time. Many of us depend on job income and have others who depend on us. 

One of the best parts of becoming a Papa Pal is through giving back to others, you’re also earning extra income. Papa Pals are paid an hourly rate, plus gas reimbursements and bonuses, and can work a few hours a week or more. 

As a Papa Pal, you'll also have time to make new connections and experience new activities. It's truly a mutually fulfilling experience with an array of positive impacts for the Papa Pal, Papa members, and their loved ones.

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