Best Board Games For Seniors for Game Night

It’s time to open up your closet and get the games out!

Did you know there are also many health benefits to playing board games? Not only does the interaction boost serotonin, but these games also relieve stress and help with memory loss.

They create a fun competitive spirit and enhance your days. Board games are taught to us starting at a young age so it’s a great way to get all ages together to find something in common.

Many games require using your coordination skills, which helps aging seniors since they are moving their hands often. If you are hanging out with your loved ones, start a game night to get your family involved.

An elderly woman playing Scrabble with her companion caregiver. A game of Scrabble can do wonderful things for the brain and memory.
Playing board games is a great way to enjoy a Papa Pal companion caregiver visit.

There are many games listed below that only require 2 players. Shared activities are the best way to form natural connections with your loved ones than forcing a conversation.

These games are also fun to play during a Papa Pal companion caregiver visit. Be sure to have a couple on-hand to play when you're looking for something fun to do.

It’s time to open up your closet and get the games out!

Best board games for seniors

Some of the best 2-player classic brain games are Scrabble, Chess, Ludo, Checkers, and Battleship.

These can increase brain function and challenge your mind. The good part about these games is that they are just as difficult for young adults as for seniors since technology now plays a large part in looking answers up without critical thinking.

These games will help with strategizing and using your brain to recall and remember certain tactics.

An elderly woman and her Papa Pal playing Ludo together. This board game can help can keep the brain condition at its peak and stay healthy.
Board games are always fun to play during Papa Pal companion caregiver visits.

Another great way to engage in the competitive spirit with your loved one is through card games like Crazy Eights, War, Gin, Rummy, Old Maid, and Go-Fish.

Many card games involve using your brain for memorization, which may also help with concentration. You will need to use some quick movement in your hands so it will also improve your coordination skills.

Of course, there are the classics that everyone thinks about like Monopoly, Bingo, or Yahtzee, but there are many new games out there that are enjoyable for all ages. For instance, Qwirkle is a popular game that involves using different colored blocks to strategize points to win.

Choose great games for seniors and people of all ages

Looking for inspiration? A great place to start is this list of 12 Great Board Games for seniors and people of all ages.

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