Understanding Visit Tasks

Get familiar with what types of visit tasks Pals can do and what they should not be doing.

One of the best ways for you to be successful with Papa is to understand what types of tasks you will be doing. Below is a comprehensive list of visit tasks, including what you should not be doing.  

For even more details on the types of tasks Papa Pals can help with, check out our Service Scope Guidelines.


Companionship is at the core of every visit and includes mostly activities that provide emotional support or socialization.

House Tasks

These visits involve assisting members with household tasks that are necessary for maintaining a comfortable living environment. These tasks may be difficult for some members due to limited mobility or physical limitations. 

Transportation and Errands

Some visits tasks involve transportation and running errands. You should call the member to confirm the transportation/errand details, including whether or not the member will be present and if they are asking you to stay or join them at a particular location. 

NOTE: If a child(ren) is in the car with the member, the member/parent needs to provide and install car seats as required. You cannot transport anyone aside from the member when the member is not present. For example, you may not transport a relative or child of the member without the member present. If the member is present, they can choose to have other people accompany them so long as you are comfortable with it.

Grocery Shopping

These visits may take place with or without a member.

Health Reminders

These types of tasks refer to reminders set by the member’s health insurance plan (the service offering the Papa benefit) to ensure any issues are taken care of promptly. We ask Pals to follow the reminders shown in the Papa Pal app to help members stay healthy and take advantage of their health plan benefits.

Pet Help

Tech Help


Child and Parental Support


  • Children must be over the age of three 
  • At least one parent or guardian is required to be present in the home 
  • Children must be toilet-trained or the parent should be available in the home for immediate bathroom assistance 
  • One Papa Pal may only watch up to two children 
  • If a member is bringing a child on a transportation visit, the member must provide and install the car seat.

Health Plan-Specific Restrictions

Health plans may have restrictions on how their members can be supported. As an example, some plans don't offer transportation to their members.

It's important to be aware of and follow these restrictions. You can see which tasks are not allowed for members by checking the "Disallowed In-Person Tasks" section on the visit screen of the Papa Pal app.

If a member requests assistance with a task listed in the "Disallowed In-Person Tasks" section, it is considered an unapproved task for the member. For guidance on how to respond when a member requests an unapproved task, visit this guide.

For your reference, you can find what each task icon stands for on the home screen of your Papa Pal app (seen below).