Providing Helpful Feedback

Make a difference by providing valuable feedback after each visit. Learn how to enhance the quality of care for our members.

Feedback is an important tool that plays a key role in improving the quality of care provided to our members. At the end of each visit, you will be asked to provide feedback in the Papa Pal App. This feedback section provides a dedicated space for sharing observations, reporting safety issues, and giving any other details about the interactions with your member.

Below is some guidance on how to provide great feedback.

Tips for Providing Feedback

Be Specific

When giving feedback, provide as much information as possible and make sure to include all necessary details.

Example: If you think a member requires more assistance with medication administration, tell us what specifically they are struggling with and what type of support you think they need.

Be Timely

Share observations right after your visit in the feedback screen. Some situations are time-sensitive and the information you give will help members get the support they need more quickly.

Example: If you spot signs of elder abuse, waiting a day may mean more harm to the member. So tell us immediately!

Learn more about recognizing and reporting elder abuse here.

Be Honest

Don’t hold back on anything that you think will improve your own or the member’s experience. Communication is key.

Example: If you don’t want to see a member again because you feel you are not the right fit, please let us know in the visit feedback screen. We believe stronger connections mean more effective care.

Thanks for taking feedback seriously! It helps us improve care quality and the experience for both you and our members.