What to Expect on a Papa Visit

Prepare for your upcoming visit, from the initial contact with your Papa Pal to providing post-visit feedback.

At Papa, we provide you with a new kind of care, so it’s only natural to be curious how this all works. Here's a simple guide on what you can expect so you can be sure to make the most of your Papa Pal visit.

Before the visit: Establishing the first connection

Your journey with a Papa Pal begins even before the actual visit. You may receive an introduction call from your Papa Pal before your scheduled visit. This call serves as an introduction and a chance for your Papa Pal to confirm the tasks they'll assist you with. This initial conversation is an opportunity to set clear expectations and ensure that your Papa Pal is fully prepared to meet your needs.

P.S. It’s rare that a Papa Pal won’t show up as scheduled. We monitor all visits, so if there is a last-minute cancellation or the Papa Pal is not responsive, our team will reach out to guide you through whether you want to keep the visit, reschedule, or simply cancel.

During the visit: Identity verification and interaction

Upon their arrival, you may ask your Papa Pal to present their digital identification badge, which includes both the Pal’s and your names so you can verify their identity as a safety precaution. If you’re still not sure that they’re the right person, the Pal will be able to initiate a real-time phone call to the number you have on file with Papa so you can easily and quickly confirm their identity for an added layer of security.

After this verification, your Pal will get to work assisting you with your requested tasks. Feel free to remind your Papa Pal what you need help with and provide any necessary guidance or materials. But remember, Papa visits are not just about performing tasks – they’re also about connection. We encourage you to get to know your Papa Pal. You can use our icebreaker suggestions to kickstart conversations. Who knows? You might discover that you and your Pal have more in common than you thought!

After the visit: Your feedback matters

Your input is invaluable in enhancing the Papa experience. After your visit, we invite you to provide feedback to our team. If you have opted into SMS, you will receive a text message after the visit containing a link to review your experience.

Were you delighted with your Papa Pal and wish to have them again? While scheduling your future visits, simply inquire with the Papa Member Experience agent about setting up a Preferred Pal. If the chemistry wasn’t quite there, that’s perfectly fine too. Let us know, and we’ll ensure that you are paired with a different Pal for your next visit.

A real-life example: Meet Emily and her Papa Pal Russell

To give you a better idea of what a visit can look like, check out this video featuring member Emily and her Papa Pal Russell. Witness firsthand the variety of activities and interactions that can occur during a visit, and see the positive impact a Papa Pal can have.

With these guidelines in mind, you're all set to make your upcoming visit with a Papa Pal a memorable and fulfilling experience. By preparing beforehand, engaging during the visit, and providing feedback afterward, you can ensure that each visit is tailored to your preferences and needs. Remember, Papa Pals are here to assist and connect with you, making every visit a unique and enjoyable interaction.