What is a Preferred Pal?

Dive deeper into understanding what a Preferred Pal is, the benefits it offers, and the steps involved in setting one up.

Did you or your loved one click with a Papa Pal and want them to visit again? You can select and request your “Preferred” Papa Pal when scheduling upcoming visits. As long as they’re available at your requested time, they’ll be there!

What is a Preferred Pal?

Preferred Pals are Pals who have established a connection and earned trust with a member, leading the member to request them for their visits and set them up as their “Preferred Pal.”

Advantages of having a Preferred Pal:

  • Priority access: They're the first to know when you schedule a visit and can accept it before other Papa Pals.
  • Consistent visits: Establishing a Preferred Pal and member relationship means visits you can count on.
  • Stronger connections: Regular visits with the same Papa Pal go beyond assistance; they pave the way for greater trust and meaningful, long-lasting relationships.
  • Easy rescheduling: Preferred Pals can reschedule visits on your behalf after they’ve completed 3 successful visits with you, saving you time and energy.

Setting up a Preferred Pal

Ready to experience the benefits of a Preferred Pal? While scheduling your future visits, simply inquire with the Papa Member Experience agent about setting up a Preferred Pal.