Your Guide to Building Connections as a Papa Pal

As a Papa Pal, you’re a bright light in the lives of others.

Building connections is what being a Papa Pal is all about.
Building connections with others is a key part of working as a Papa Pal.

 As a Papa Pal companion caregiver, you’re a bright light in the life of others in your community. In fact, building connections is what being a Papa Pal is all about.

Papa Pals primarily focus on companionship during each visit with a Papa member. At the same time, they lend a hand with everyday things like car rides, house tasks, teaching basic technology, light exercise, and pet care.

By building connections with someone as a Papa Pal, you will enrich the experience for both of you. For you, it’s a rewarding job. And for the Papa member, it can be a high point in their day.

Building connections as a Papa Pal

If you’re working as a Papa Pal, you can offer the best support by making a personal connection with each Papa member. And, you can accomplish it in the following four ways:

Just chat

Once you do, try to find topics you have in common. Then talk about those.

It helps to be a good listener during your conversations—this will make it easier to discover your conversation partner's topics of interest.

Share information about yourself

Maybe you recently went on a trip and took pictures, or you’re artistic and recently created something beautiful.

Bringing an item as a “show and tell” to your visit can help to spark conversation. It will also help you both to get to know each other.

If your conversation partner doesn't have a smartphone or digital camera, offer to show them how to capture photos. And, if they would like to learn more about where they can find low-cost or free devices, check out this helpful list of resources.

Ask your conversation partner about their interests

Seems pretty easy, right? Then, look for activities your conversation partner might find interesting.

This could include games, puzzles, movies, books, magazines, outdoor activities, museums, sports, exercises, recipes, and much more.

Come up with an option or two, and bring it up during your next visit.

Swap stories

One of the greatest pastimes in life is storytelling. Your companion may love to tell stories and might not have someone to tell them to.

Your visit can be a welcome opportunity for your care companion to open up and share. And, don’t be afraid to tell a story or two of your own.

Start building connections as a Papa Pal

If you’re interesting in helping others and giving back to the community, consider becoming a Papa Pal. It's a great part-time job for kind, friendly, and reliable people.

Sign-up today to start your journey as a Papa Pal!