Top Caregiving Jobs in 2021

As a Papa Pal, you can choose what type of help you provide. One option is to help around the house and in the garden.

Make a real difference in your community

If you are the kind of person who gets great satisfaction in making the world a better place and doing what you can to help people in need, caregiving is an excellent career choice. Caregivers can make the difference between someone surviving each day and living a life that has meaning. In addition, by interacting with someone in need of help and personal attention, caregivers have the opportunity to improve someone's self-esteem and mental well-being. There are a variety of opportunities in the caregiving field. These are the top caregiving jobs.

Papa Pal Caregivers

Whether you're looking for part-time work to help with college expenses or supplement your full-time income, one option for a great flexible caregiving job is to become a Papa PalPapa pairs older adults and families with "Pals" for assistance with everyday tasks like car rides, food shopping, help around the house and garden, and companionship. Papa Pals make a real difference in the community, all while managing their own schedule through the convenience of an app.

As a Papa Pal, you can choose what type of help you provide. One option is to help around the house and in the garden.

Caregiving careers are fulfilling, rewarding and are an opportunity to make someone's life better. For part-time work that will be more than just a gig, consider becoming a Papa Pal. It could make your life better, too. With availability all over the US, increasing demand in many areas, and great bonus opportunities, becoming a Papa Pal is a great opportunity to make someone else feel better — and to give you an idea of what a caregiving career could be like.

Home Health Nurse

A home health nurse differs slightly from a home health aide. A home health nurse manages a patient's medical treatment, including administration of IV medication, checking and cleaning wounds, changing dressings, and evaluating healing progress. Home health nurses visit patients to administer IV medication, check on wounds, clean them, change dressings, and evaluate their progress or status. Home health nurses are also responsible for ensuring that caregivers, whether home health aides or family, understand what treatment and medications will be needed for their patients between visits. Additionally, a home health nurse communicates directly with physicians about the well-being of the patient.

Home Health Aids

Caring for their client's personal needs is the top priority for certified home health aides. Hygiene and healthy habits are part of each day, including teeth brushing, baths, showers, and getting dressed. Home health aides also take care of grocery shopping and bill-paying. Meal prep and light housekeeping may also be their responsibilities.

In some cases, the home health aide will communicate with doctors and other professionals about their client's health. For those seniors with non-medical caregiving needs, having a Papa Pal companion is a way to bridge the gap between being alone and having a companion.

Occupational Therapist

Often, after a surgery or a medical event, occupational therapy is needed to re-learn basic daily life activities. Occupational therapists work with patients on eating utensils, dressing (buttoning shirts or zipping pants, for example), and other essential tasks necessary to get through each day. Occupational therapy involves exercises and repeated practice of movement and small motor skills. If you become a Papa Pal, you might spend some time working on some of the simpler tasks with your companion that are recommended by the occupational therapist, following the instructions carefully, and encouraging the member to take care of themselves so they can continue to have a healthy, comfortable life.

Hospice Social Worker

A hospice social worker enters a person's life when comfort and pain relief becomes the primary concern, rather than treatment and medical intervention. The hospice social worker will visit a patient to evaluate their medical and mental health and recommend medication, counseling, and spiritual guidance for those at the end of life. In addition, the hospice social worker will often become a family's most significant resource for information and help with paperwork and needed services. Hospice social workers also keep an eye out for elder abuse or any safety risks in the living space.

Physical Therapist

An in-home physical therapist treats patients who can not otherwise get to a physical therapy facility. Physical therapists help patients to strengthen their bodies after an injury or surgery. A physical therapist will bring the exercise equipment to their client's home and prescribe exercises between visits.