The Best Part-Time Jobs in Miami for College Students

For students in the healthcare field, it’s the perfect time to look into part-time jobs that provide related experience.

The cost of living in Miami, Florida, is 14% higher than the national average. Housing costs, groceries and transportation are all more expensive.

Having a part-time job may be a necessity for college students who need to make ends meet, pay for tuition, rent, food, and entertainment. Ideally, students will want a job that not only has flexible hours, but is also financially and emotionally fulfilling.

Miami part-time jobs also give students the flexibility to focus on their studies while earning a living to support themselves in this expensive city.

For students in the healthcare field, it may be a good idea to look into part-time jobs in Miami that will provide experience and training similar to your future career.

Take a look at our list of some of the best part-time jobs for college students in Miami and start thinking about ways you can earn extra money for your living expenses while you’re in college.

1. Become a Papa Pal

If you’re studying in the healthcare field, from nursing to senior care, or just looking for a job that’s rewarding, take a look at what Papa offers in terms of part-time income, flexible hours, and a fulfilling mission.

Papa is a companionship service with the mission to support older adults and families throughout the aging journey. You’ll have a lot of fun as you have a chance to connect with the older generation.

Papa works with college students to create an extended family for seniors in cities like Miami. As a Papa Pal, you’ll help seniors with daily activities, like car rides, food shopping, and light housekeeping while providing companionship.

Papa Pals help seniors by teaching them technology, running errands, and just spending time together chatting and connecting. You’ll have lots of fun as a Papa Pal, taking the senior in your care on fun day trips around the city. Miami is listed as one of the best cities in Florida for seniors, so there’s no shortage of people who need your help as their “Pal.” This job is great if you want to make some money and help others.

For healthcare students, you will learn how to communicate and empathize better with people from different walks of life. Best of all, Papa invests in their employees and provides flexible hours to meet your work schedule. It is great for students who are in college full-time looking for something extra!

2. Bartender

Jobs in the service industry can often seem intimidating for those who have no experience in bars or restaurants. But if you’re a night owl and enjoy being around a crowd, this is a great part-time Miami job to consider.

The state of Florida does not have any bartending license requirements, which makes this a job you can do (as long as you’re over 21) without adding to your studies.

3. Waitstaff

If bartending doesn’t seem to be your thing, or you’re afraid you won’t be able to learn how to sling cocktails like a pro, consider joining the waitstaff of a top Miami restaurant. The hospitality industry is hurting for employees right now, with 2.6 million waitstaff jobs available across the U.S., according to the U.S.Bureau of Labor Statistics.

You’ll receive on-the-job training and can work shifts that fit your school schedule. Considering how badly restaurants need workers right now, it could be very easy to take on too many hours once you start seeing the satisfaction of receiving generous tips every night. It’s important not to neglect your studies if you opt for exhausting work in the hospitality industry.

4. Tutoring

Is there a class or subject you have down pat? That knowledge can be valuable to a fellow college underclassmen who may be struggling in that same subject matter. Tutoring can be a quick and rewarding way to make an extra $100 or so per week with just a few hours of work.

You might as well use what you already know, and you get the benefit of knowing that you’re helping a fellow student. Just look for the kid who’s sleeping next to you in class and sign up your first client! In some cases, you may even tutor without leaving your house via Zoom or Facetime sessions.

5. Valet attendant

Can you drive a stick shift or manipulate the regenerative braking of electric vehicles? Valet skills are in high demand at high-end restaurants, clubs, hotels and resorts. Being a valet offers flexible hours, daytime and evening shifts, and the opportunity to drive flashy luxury cars (even if only for a few minutes at a time!) Plus, valets have them potential to earn big tips along with hourly wages.

6. Instacart, Shipt or other personal shopper

If you have your own car and love shopping, you might consider signing up with Instacart, Shipt or another company that provides shopping services to people who can’t–or don’t want to–leave their homes to shop.

Shopping delivery services have flexible hours, but you will need your own car. You will also have to undergo a background check. You’ll earn pay for each shopping trip plus customer tips.

It’s important to realize that people who work with Instacart and Shipt and other shopping services are not employees, but independent contractors. That means you won’t have any taxes taken out of your pay, and you’ll receive a 1099 form at the end of the year. You’ll need to declare that income and pay the taxes on it, which can be confusing.

7. Pet-sitter or house-sitter

Would you like to spend your time in luxury beachfront homes in Miami, cuddling other people’s dogs or cats? Then a job as a pet-sitter or house-sitter could be right for you.

As with personal shopping, these are usually 1099 independent contractor positions. You can set up a listing at a site like and have people reach out to you for your services, which can include dog walking, drop-in visits, or house sitting.

You can also advertise your services in local Facebook groups to spread the word and get customers. The best thing about pet-sitting and house-sitting is it can fit into any schedule, and you can even work another Miami part-time job, such as Papa Pals, while you’re watching over someone’s home.

Are you motivated yet?

If any of these part-time jobs for college students in Miami sounds appealing to you, get moving!

It’s time to pick yourself up from your couch and go get that job you know you need! Interested in becoming a Pal? Get started.