The Best Jobs That Require No Work Experience in Orlando

The senior population continues to grow, especially in Florida, so this means that Papa in expanding the Papa Pal workforce.

Are you looking for your first job? Maybe you’ve made it this far working side jobs or family gigs? Not every job offers the type of work experience companies look for when hiring, and that can be a major hamper when you go to apply for a more conventional job. 

Fear not! Orlando is a huge (and growing) city that offers a buffet of employment opportunities even for those with no formal working experience. The list below should help point you in the right direction. 

1. Papa Pal

Papa is an on-demand caregiver provider for senior populations across the country. The senior population continues to grow, especially in Florida, so this means that Papa in expanding the Papa Pal workforce. Orlando is a city with so much to offer. Forget about Disney World. Orlando has some of the best golf in the country, and the food & shopping aren’t bad either. Unfortunately, most of the seniors in the city don’t get the opportunity to enjoy all of these amenities. 

Papa wants to do everything possible to change that and enable the senior population with mobility and socialization. It’s great to make some money on your own schedule, but it’s even better to positively impact peoples’ lives while you do it.  Apply here

2. Fast Casual Dining

Fast casual restaurants are popping up everywhere and they have much more laidback hiring protocol than a typical sit-down/dine-in restaurant. Walking in wages are typically better than minimum wage, and most of the jobs are light food prep, cashiers, or management positions. No experience required.

Orlando is a big city, so you may have to expand your search radius. But, if you’re looking for a part-time or even full-time job but don’t have a ton of work experience, we suggest you take a look in this growing industry. 

3. Gig Economy

Ah, the gig economy. It’s a phrase you’ve probably heard before but might not understand. The gig economy references jobs and income that aren’t your typical 9 to 5. Uber drivers, food delivery, and other digitally sourced jobs all fall into this category. 

If you have a driver’s license and a smart phone, you can find a way to make some money without any prior experience. Don’t limit yourself to just Uber and Postmates either. You can take a look at our “Gig Economy” blog that expands on the idea of creating your own dream job. 

4. Malls

Malls are a perfect place to begin your job search with or without experience. Not only are there a laundry list of retailers that all operate under one roof, but they all typically employ younger people and don’t anticipate them having much (if any) prior job experience. 

If you enjoy, or can at least deal with, the fountains, food courts, and family chaos; I think you’ll find yourself a perfect starting point for your professional career. 

Learn more about Papa here