Social Transportation: Rides for Seniors

Papa Pals are committed to providing door-to-door transportation with safety and compassion as our key focuses.

One of the most important things you can offer someone is companionship, and one of the greatest needs of older adults is transportation.

Whether it’s a trip to the grocery store or a doctor’s appointment, older adults have places to go and things to do.

Social transportation is the Papa way of bringing both companionship and transportation into the mix.

Imagine this…

Papa Pal driving her senior companion around to run errands

Your loved one has a doctor’s appointment for Tuesday early in the afternoon. They could also use some groceries to stock up their fridge, pick up some paper towels, and they also can’t forget to grab a card for a family member’s upcoming birthday.

You, the caregiver, have a big meeting that same day and have already called out of work multiple times this month. Rescheduling the doctor’s appointment is always a possibility, but what if it’s something urgent? What would you do?

Practically speaking, you could always order a taxi, or an Uber for your loved one.

Realistically though, is that safe? What if something were to happen during the ride that made your loved ones feel uncomfortable?

Beyond that, does it give your loved one the care and companionship and support they really need?

The Uber driver is going to pick them up, say hi, and drop them off. The taxi driver certainly isn’t going to assist your loved one to the door of their doctor’s visit or help them get from store to store to get what they need.

Papa Pals will not only get your loved ones to the door of their doctor’s office, but they stay with them until the visit is over, while being a compassionate friend. Afterward, they can take them to the grocery store, the drug store, or wherever else they need to go, carrying their bags along the way.

Wouldn’t that be a better solution for everyone?

Our Papa Pals are a committed team of soon-to-be nurses and college-goers who are mostly looking to enter the healthcare industry.

Papa Pals are more reliable than an Uber or a Taxi service, and more importantly, we care.

We care that your loved one not only gets to where they need to go but has fun doing it too.

Papa Pals understand the pressures that can come from being a caregiver on top of having a full-time job and other responsibilities. We aren’t just doing this to make a living; we’re doing this to make a difference.

Papa Pals are committed to providing door-to-door transportation with safety and compassion as our key focuses.

We believe that having fun and socializing with your elderly loved ones is critical in providing them the highest quality of life we can.

Papa offers an affordable alternative to full-time nursing and home care. Within that service, we are thrilled to offer elderly transportation as an alternative to simply relying on ride-sharing services. That’s our idea of Social Transportation.

Who says grocery shopping can’t be fun?