Transportation for Seniors

Papa Pals are committed to providing door-to-door transportation with safety and compassion.

Papa Pals help seniors with car rides

Access to transportation becomes one of our key needs as we age. Whether it’s a trip to the bank or a doctor’s appointment, we all have places to go and things to do. At Papa, our Papa Pal companion caregivers help by offering transportation for seniors, older adults and families—when they need it most.

Transportation for seniors.
Become a Papa Pal and help seniors, older adults and families with their transportation needs.

More than just transportation

Sometimes we forget the importance of a simple car ride. When you provide transportation assistance as a Papa Pal, you’re making a difference in someone’s life.

Whether it's a ride to the grocery store or a physical therapy appointment, Papa Pals can help Papa members access senior transportation services and support they need. Helping someone get to a necessary appointment will ensure they aren't missing checkups and tests. Helping someone with grocery shopping means they can stock up on healthy food. And, when you make the ride a social experience, you make an even bigger impact.

Not only are you helping Papa members get where they need to go, you're offering companionship and conversation along the way. Papa Pals are committed to providing door-to-door transportation with safety and compassion as the key focus.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to access transportation services for seniors?

At Papa, we work with various health plans and employers, so verify if your plan or employer offers this benefit. If you are eligible, contact your health plan or employer to get information on how to access Papa's transportation services for seniors. They will provide you with the necessary details to enroll and use the service.

How to find senior transportation near me?

That's easy! Papa Pals offer transportation for seniors as a nationwide service, including rural areas. You should not have any issues finding reliable transportation when and where it's needed.

How to schedule a ride?

Once enrolled, members can make all transportation requests by using the Papa Pal App, or by reaching out to our team directly.

What about free transportation for seniors?

Many transportation services are cost-effective, and some, like Papa, are covered by insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, or employer programs, so there are no immediate expenses. Access to transportation can also greatly reduce the need for owning and maintaining a personal vehicle, saving money on insurance, fuel, and maintenance costs.

Are vehicles wheelchair accessible?

Yes, wheelchair accessible vehicles are available by request. A variety of other driver and vehicle preferences are also available.

What safety measures are in place for senior transportation?

Papa prioritizes trust and safety as it facilitates thousands of human interactions daily. We provide comprehensive safety measures before, during, and after every visit, continually advancing our practices to safeguard members and Papa PalsLearn more about Trust & Safety.

Are drivers trained to assist seniors?

Papa Pals are trained to assist with mobility issues, including helping with walkers, wheelchairs, and getting in and out of the vehicle. Family members can feel assured knowing their loved ones are in safe hands, especially if they are unable to provide transportation themselves.

Become a Papa Pal

Overall, transportation services for seniors play a crucial role in maintaining their independence, health, and overall well-being, while also providing significant benefits to their families and communities. If you're interested in working in your community, consider becoming a companion caregiver. It's the perfect part-time job for kind, reliable people.

The role of a Papa Pal varies from day to day. For example, many Papa Pals offer transportation for seniors a few hours a week. Other Papa Pals teach basic technology, help with pet care, and offer company on a walk around the neighborhood. You choose when you work and the type of support you offer.

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