Outdoor Activities for Seniors in Philadelphia

There is always something to do outdoors in Philadelphia, whether you’re downtown or in the surrounding area. 

Outdoor activities for seniors in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Also known as the “cultural anchor of America”, Philadelphia is filled with luscious greenery and beautiful sightseeing to enjoy year round. With over 2,050 acres make sure you walk the trails of Fairmount Park and enjoy a picnic. Sometimes you just need to grab an ice cream and enjoy the aesthetics of the Philadelphia Boardwalk.

If you’re in Philadelphia during the summer, go check out Spruce Street Harbor Park, also known as a “pop up park” to enjoy beachfront views and atmosphere.

There is always something to do outdoors in Philadelphia, whether you’re downtown or in the surrounding area. 

If you want to go fishing, boating, or kayaking enjoy the Schuylkill River Trail, which spans 8 miles long through the heart of Philadelphia. Go bike riding at the reopened and renovated LOVE park in FDR Plaza. Its brand new fountains and greenery are also great places to read a book or listen to music.

Since 1872, Philly has been passionate about having art maintained and preserved in their city. Walk around the city and notice all the unique pieces of art called the Museum Without Walls. You can do a walking tour or an audio tour to learn more about the sculptures on the street.

One of the most enjoyed parks in Philadelphia is Rittenhouse Square because you can do yoga, people watch, and go to the farmers market on the weekends. Make sure you check out the oldest surviving botanic garden in North America, Bertram’s Garden, which is 46 acres of different flowers and plants. There is always something to do outdoors in Philadelphia, whether you’re downtown or the surrounding area. 

Fun activities for seniors in Philadelphia

With over 85 senior centers in the Greater Philadelphia area, you can partake in many different programs such as line dancing, tai chi, painting, board games, and enhanced fitness classes. Socializing with others at different senior centers can help you build a stronger bond and help you live longer. The best part about the senior centers around the area is you choose what classes or games you want to do and how many days a week you want to go.

Exploring the city is easy to do as well, and there are many great options that also have senior citizen discounts. Places like Philadelphia’s Magic GardensPhiladelphia History Museum, and the National Liberty Museum are just a few on the list with discounts! Make sure to visit the Philadelphia Zoo and the Adventure Aquarium if you love exotic animals. 

Go back in time and visit Carpenters’ Hall, the oldest craft guild in America. Even if you live in Philadelphia, you can still be a tourist here with so much history to explore!

Restaurants and bars for seniors in Philadelphia

Because Philadelphia is the 6th largest city in America, you will find many different pockets that have different types of food. During the weekends always be on the lookout for different farmers’ markets in different parks or squares.

Some of the most popular are Headhouse and Clark Park Farmers’ Markets. If you’re vegan or enjoy farm-to-table style restaurants, head over to Washington Square West. If you’re trying to go the more expensive route, treat yourself to a nice steak dinner in Rittenhouse. You can’t go wrong! 

If you’re looking for classic food that is a Philadelphia staple, visit Old Town. If breakfast or brunch is your favorite meal, go to the Fairmount area and get the best omelettes or eggs benedict. If you love all types of food and don’t know what you’re in the mood for visit the Passyunk area. 

Cultural activities for seniors in Philadelphia

There is endless culture in Philadelphia, but there are classic places that you must go to learn about how the founding fathers established America. Trust me, it’s always better in person! 

Liberty Bell Center

Liberty Bell Center

This is an iconic symbol to American independence. Located in National Historic Park since 1753 this piece of history is what makes Philadelphia so famous today. The best part is you can go learn about it for free. 

Independence Hall

Independence Hall

Also located in National Historic Park, Independence Hall was the birthplace for the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution. Learn about how these two documents shaped and defined our country today. 

National Constitution Center

This is the only museum dedicated to the United States Constitution. View original documents and learn its entire history with our founding fathers. 

Independence Visitor Center

Independence Visitor Center

This is one of the best places to start your trip in Philadelphia. The staff is friendly and welcoming to any questions you have. Not only is the architecture beautiful, but you will also learn about where you want to go and what options are available to senior citizens. 

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