Meet Sophia & Her Papa Pal Toneille

Sophia’s Papa Pal Toneille keeps her on her toes, feet, and the move. She helps Sophia get around with transportation, and get her steps in with her Fitbit!

Retired school teacher, Sophia, 72, stopped driving last year. Her doctor sends transport for her appointments but she was looking for ways to get around to do the things she loves to do and stay active. Since she met her Pal, Toneille, she’s been on the move! They do all kinds of errands together—from shopping for household supplies to popping by the gardening store to pick up plants and flowers for Sophia’s garden. When her health plan sent Sophia a Fitbit, Toneille set it up and now Sophia loves tracking her steps. Toneille says, “When Sophia got a new cell phone I also set it up for her, transferring all her contacts. She loves to save her tech questions for when I come so I can help her!”

Sophia describes her relationship with Toneille, “She does everything for me. Since I do not drive, she takes me where I need to go. She helps with my housework, we organize and we garden together. I love to be in the garden with her chatting about our shared interests. Having Toneille’s help is very beneficial. I look forward to her visits every week.”