Meet Margaret & Her Papa Pal Yvette

Yvette has formed a special bond with Margaret, a nearly 100-year-old Papa member. Margaret relies on her to get around, and provide nutritious meals.

Papa Pal Yvette cutting pie for Papa member Margaret

Haitian-native Yvette became a Papa Pal when Covid hit in 2020 after she found herself working from home with more free time. After learning about Papa through a friend, Yvette applied to be a Papa Pal. At first, her visits were virtual, but then she started meeting in person and discovered rich, personal connections with her members, including Margaret Jones.

Circling in on 100 years of age, Margaret has had a life well-lived. A housewife turned businesswoman, Margaret is used to autonomy, “I was very independent. Only recently was I ready to accept help from anyone.” Margaret was reassured she could continue to age at home when she met Yvette. She relies heavily on Yvette for food and friendship, visiting twice a week and ensuring there are enough groceries in the fridge and thoughtfully-prepared food to last until the next visit. Only leaving the house for doctor’s appointments, Margaret sees Yvette as her lifeline. “I need Yvette to go to the store and take me to my appointments. No matter what I ask her to do, she does it. She visits and provides companionship.” 

“Our relationship brings meaning, purpose, and a sense of belonging to both our lives,” says Yuvette. “We are so very different, but we started our relationship with trust and respect and built it from there.” Margaret and Yvette converse and share stories about their lives. Margaret admitted, “I am an old lady and not interested in meeting new people, but when Yvette comes by, she talks to me, and I enjoy it. Yvette continued, “Since we started spending time together, I have seen a huge mental improvement. She looks forward to the days I come, especially when we go for shakes after her appointments because she loves that.” 

Yvette says, “Being a Papa Pal brought me to Margaret, and that is a wonderful gift. Being with her has brought me so much joy, and I’ve seen how our time together has made her happy. There’s nothing better than that.”