Meet Brad: Found a New Purpose as a Papa Pal

Brad was at a crossroads when he found Papa. Being a Papa Pal has given his life a new direction and meaning.

Brad was at a crossroads in his life when he found a job with Papa. He had recently lost his grandmother, moved back to his home state, ended a long-term relationship, and was battling mild depression. Unsure of the direction his life was headed, he came across a Papa Pal job posting. He describes his intrigue, “The job ad said that I would be helping families with everyday tasks, transportation and technology. I thought to myself, ‘Wow, this seems like a great opportunity.’ So I applied, completed orientation, and started making visits to Papa members right away.” 

The job has far exceeded Brad’s expectations. He’s continually amazed at the positive effect being a Papa Pal has had on his life. He shared, “Within the first few weeks, I met amazing Papa members who I instantly connected with. Being a Pal has given me purpose and put a smile on my face again.” 

He continued, “I make weekly visits with one member, who is a kind soul but has been going through some depression, as well. He and I hit it off right away. We play cards, I am teaching him how to play poker, and we watch movies together. I am proud to call him a friend.” And friendship is what Brad found most unexpectedly. “Being a Papa Pal is a whole new experience. I was looking for a job but found something much more meaningful. When you're able to help those who need it, it makes you feel good inside. I'm glad I can go the distance to help these wonderful people. No one should be alone, everyone needs a friend.”