Five No-Fail Art Activities for Seniors

You can’t go wrong with these five cute and creative crafts for seniors and families.

Five art activities to try with seniors

The best craft activities for seniors are those that allow people to create something useful but don’t require a lot of up-close detail work or an incredibly steady hand. It can also help to choose an activity for your first assignment that’s easy to gather and transport.

An elderly woman looking happy to be doing some art activities

You can’t go wrong with the following five cute and creative crafts for seniors and families:

Christmas tree apron

This craft makes a cute holiday apron that can be used in your kitchen! You’ll need a light-colored apron, green rick rack, red rick rack, scissors, craft glue and a yellow button.

  • First, cut the green rick rack into varying lengths that will allow you to create a tree shape when you line them up horizontally, as in this tutorial.
  • Next, cut two lengths of brown rick rack to use for the tree trunk. Simply glue the green and red rick rack to the apron to form your tree shape, and add the yellow button to the top as a star.

Pom-pom pumpkins

For this craft, you’ll need orange yarn, green rick rack, cinnamon sticks, buttons, scissors, an index card and craft glue.

  • First, fold the index card in half. Wind yarn around the card about 100 times.
  • Then, cut off a piece of yarn about six inches long. Slide the wound yarn off the card and tie in the middle.
  • Then cut through the ends to make a pom-pom. You can trim your pom-pom for a more rounded shape.
  • Add glue to the end of a section of cinnamon stick and add as a stem.
  • Cut a six-inch section of rick rack and tie around the cinnamon stick as leaves. Last, add a button or two to the base of the stem for flair.

Tile coasters

Tile coasters art activity for seniors

These are an easy and useful craft that can be customized to match any home décor.

You’ll need one sheet of felt (any color), one square white floor tile (or more, depending on how many coasters you’d like to make), scrapbooking paper (any pattern—get creative!), scissors, craft glue, a popsicle stick, mod podge, a pencil and two sponge brushes.

  • First, cut a felt square that’s roughly the size of the floor tile—it helps to set the tile on the felt and cut around it.
  • Glue the felt square to the rough side of the tile.
  • Then, trace the tile on the scrapbooking paper and cut the square shape out of the paper.
  • Glue the scrapbooking paper square to the smooth side of the tile. Let it dry for five minutes.
  • Next, dip the sponge brush into the mod podge and spread a coat onto the top of the paper. Let it sit for 10 minutes, and repeat.
  • The mod podge will dry clear and you’ll be left with an attractive coaster! As it’s drying, you can smooth out any bumps using the popsicle stick.

Colored sand mosaic jar

Colored sand mosaic jar art activity for seniors

Mosaic jars make a pretty knickknack on a shelf or coffee table. You can buy colored sand at any craft store, and you can find jars in interesting shapes and sizes at thrift stores, the dollar store or garage sales. Or you can use jelly or mason jars.

  • Pour different sand colors into the jar, layer by layer, until the jar is full.
  • Then, using a popsicle stick, insert it into the jar of sand in various spots to form interesting dips in the layers.
  • To seal the sand, pour craft glue into the top of the jar to cover the top layer, and add the lid tightly.

Embellished picture frames

You can find picture frames at discount stores, thrift stores or garage sales and using glue, embellish them with anything—use your imagination! Buttons, scrapbooking items, plastic gems, silk flowers and puffy paint are all fun options.

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