Find a Job with Purpose: One Papa Pal’s Story

Are you looking for a flexible job with purpose? Being a Papa Pal could be a good fit for you.

Connect with people in your community as a companion caregiver

Sometimes, we can find a job that provides us with meaningful work—work that brings a sense of purpose to our day and that makes a positive impact in the community.

Being a Papa Pal companion caregiver is that kind of work. 

It’s a way to connect with people in your community, meet their unique needs, and help them thrive and flourish in all the ways that matter.

Papa Pals visit members—older adults, seniors, and others in need—and provide companionship, help around the house, run errands, or whatever else is most helpful that day. 

As a Papa Pal, you might be playing a board game, tidying up around the house, taking a trip to the grocery store, or helping someone learn how to use technology so they can FaceTime their grandkids. Maybe you’ll do activities together, such as walking a dog, watching a TV show, or doing chair yoga or other light exercise.

Sometimes a job is just a job, a daily grind, a way to pay the bills. And sometimes, we’re fortunate enough to find a job with purpose. 
For Papa Pal Felicia, the benefits of flexible work have been a blessing. She can set her own hours, help her family, and do meaningful work

Find a job with purpose: From Papa member to Papa Pal

Felicia lives in Southeast Michigan and found out about Papa when long-term Covid-19 effects led to her unemployment. Her Papa Pal, Michelle, took her to doctor’s appointments and on errands until she got back on her feet. Once she did, Felicia became a Papa Pal herself. 

Forming a bond

Each Thursday, Felicia made a 45-minute drive to Detroit to help take care of her mother, who was recovering from surgery. While she was in Detroit, she would visit a kindhearted elderly woman as her Papa Pal.

Felicia says it took a little bit of time for the woman to feel comfortable with someone in her home. But, before she knew it, the woman had joined her in the kitchen, and they began putting dishes away together while chatting about all different kinds of music. 

Felicia loves music, and the woman’s son was in a band. That common bond was all it took to make them fast friends. Their weekly visits became a highlight for both of them.

The benefits of flexible work

The flexibility of working for Papa has been such a blessing for Felicia. She can set her own hours, help her mom, and do meaningful work. 

“Papa came at the right time,” Felicia says with a grateful smile. “I absolutely love the people that I’ve come in contact with. Seeing so many people from so many walks of life and being able to assist with just a smile? That’s the greatest feeling in the world.”

Find a job with purpose as a Papa Pal in your community.
Papa Pals Michelle and Felicia both found a job with purpose as companion caregivers in their Southeast Michigan community.

Find a job with purpose as a Papa Pal

Are you looking for a job with purpose? Being a Papa Pal could be a good fit for you, especially if:

  • You’re looking for part-time, hourly work
  • You want a job that’s flexible
  • You want to earn money while doing good
  • You want to work a few hours a week or more
  • You’re a kind and reliable person who wants to give back to the community

As a Papa Pal, you get to decide when you work, who you visit, and how often. For example, you can work as many hours as you like. And, if you hit it off with a particular member, you can visit them again and again—a great opportunity to build a relationship.

Is this the right time for you to join the Papa team as a Papa Pal? Apply today!