Creating Healthy Connections: Papa’s Community Standards

Papa’s community standards include kindness, integrity and safety for each of our employees, members and Papa Pals.

At Papa, our mission is to contribute to the world we want to make–a world where nobody has to go it alone. We work hard to bring human-to-human help to those who need a hand, but we also work hard to make sure our Papa Pals and the members we visit are safe as they go about the work that we think is so important.

Kindness, integrity and safety are the foundation of every interaction at Papa. Because these principles extend to all involved in moving our mission forward, we want to go a bit deeper on what each of these community standards mean to us, and how they apply to the work we do.

Community Standard #1: Kindness. We choose kindness 

We strive to “Be a Pal” in all that we do. We go above and beyond to act with care and compassion. We exemplify empathy and understanding.

What does this mean?

This means that in difficult situations, we enter with kindness. If a member or team mate is having a bad day, we lead with empathy. If someone is upset or confused, we work toward understanding. We seek opportunities to care for others, and extend compassion and dignity.

Community Standard #2: Integrity. We do what’s right  

We are true to our word.  We trust each other with personal information. We show up when and where we say we will. We always act with integrity and hold ourselves accountable for our actions. We follow the law. We respect our differences and look for common ground.

What does this mean?

We act with integrity and honesty in every circumstance, which means we show up on time, we complete our jobs, and we look out for the best interests of each other. Additionally, we follow the laws of the land, but also the rules and regulations of each neighborhood we visit. We take extreme care with the personal information of every single member. And we look to the best interest of every human, doing our best to “be a pal” and help anyone who needs help– regardless of race, gender, sexual identiy, ethnicity, or income level.

Community Standard #3: Safety. We prioritize safety

We want to keep the Papa community safe for everyone, and therefore, we look after one another. We don’t put anybody's safety at risk and we  treat others’ property like we would our own.

What does this mean?

It can be a bit scary to invite someone new into your home– or to go into someone else’s home as a Papa Pal. We prioritize the safety of each person.

When we each strive to put our values of kindness, integrity and safety first, each human involved wins. Our members get the help they need, our Papa Pals have the opportunity to do meaningful work that makes a difference and the communities where we live and work become places where… you guessed it… no one has to go it alone.