Boost Your Income with a Great Part-Time Job

If you’re looking for a part-time job that gives back, consider becoming a Papa Pal.

Use this checklist to find a fun and flexible gig

Do you want to boost your income or save for a rainy day? Finding a flexible part-time job is a great first step to achieving your goals. Maybe you’re interested in working in your spare time and gaining experience. Or, you might be hoping to find a new career path. To get started, here’s a checklist to help you find a great part-time job.

Boost your income with a flexible gig job, including working as a barista.
Use this checklist to find a flexible part-time job and boost your income. Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Key Takeaways

  1. What makes a job great for a friend might not make it great for you. Listen to recommendations, but know that you’re the best judge.
  2. Ask about perks and bonuses. Sometimes, extra ways to boost your income aren’t in job descriptions.
  3. Everyone has deal breakers, like flexible scheduling. Keep your deal breakers in mind during your search.

Boost your income: Find a gig that’s right for you

Determine your ideal schedule

Take a look at your schedule and determine the best times for you. This might be when the kids are in school or on weekends when you have more free time. The good news is that many gig jobs, like being a Papa Pal companion caregiver, let you set your own hours.

Tip: Some part-time roles might not advertise flexible scheduling, but managers can make it happen. 

Think about unexpected costs

Your part-time job won’t help you build a nest egg if you spend all your earnings on parking or clothing and uniforms.

Tip: Look into any unexpected costs and ask if things like parking are free for employees.

Love dogs? Consider working as a dog walker. It's a fun and flexible part-time job. Photo by Moses Londo on Unsplash

Look at hourly jobs versus flat fee jobs

Most jobs pay by the hour, but others are “flat fee” jobs.

Flat fee jobs can be great, especially if you know exactly what’s expected and how much time it will take. For example, house-sitting and dog walking jobs usually come with fixed hours and clear expectations. You know exactly what you need to do and for how long. 

But, other flat fee jobs can take longer. For instance, yard work might take longer than you thought. You won’t get paid for that extra time.

Tip: Don’t agree to a flat-fee job unless you have a clear understanding of what’s involved.

Calculate pay and bonuses

Some hourly jobs have a simple pay structure. You work XX hours and earn $XX by the hour. But, other jobs have bonuses, overtime, and incentives. Temporary things, like working on a holiday or filling in at the last minute, often come with extra pay.

Tip: Many flexible gig jobs, like being a Papa Pal companion caregiver, Uber driver, or DoorDasher, offer bonuses. Do some research and learn about the many ways to earn as a gig worker. These added incentives are a great way to boost your income.

Ask about pay day

Finding out when you get paid is an important part of any job search. Some jobs offer same day and next day pay (sometimes with a fee). Other jobs offer weekly, bi-weekly (every two weeks) or monthly pay. Gig jobs often process pay when you work, and send payments to your bank account is about 2 to 3 days.

Tip: Learn how payments work for each type of job. Will your employer deposit pay directly into a bank account? Do they send you an old-fashioned check? By finding out as much as you can about pay, you can ensure that you can meet your financial goals.

Explore work you’ll enjoy

A great place to start your job search is with something you enjoy. Love cooking? Look for opportunities at restaurants and grocery stores, as well as the food service industry. Then, expand your search. Beyond restaurants, you can find food service jobs in places like hospitals, schools, retirement communities, and airports.

Tip: Even if you don’t have direct job experience, you still have skills and experience that employers value. Things like customer service experience, First Aid and CPR training, life experience, and volunteer work matter to hiring managers. Add them to your resume.

Working as a Papa Pal is a great flexible job for kind and reliable people. It's a great way to boost your income.
Working as a Papa Pal is a great flexible job for kind and reliable people.

Kickstart your job search

Ready to start your job search? A great place to begin is with a quick Google search, as well as Facebook jobs groups for your town or city, and local job resource centers. Ask friends and neighbors for leads, and reach out to your extended community network and former coworkers. Your next great part-time job could be right around the corner!

Become a Papa Pal companion caregiver

If you’re ready to boost your income with a great part-time job, consider working as a Papa Pal.

Papa Pals are kind, helpful, and reliable people. One of the best aspects of being a Papa Pal is through giving back to others, you’re also boosting your income. Papa Pals earn an hourly base rate, plus gas reimbursements and bonuses. You can work a few hours a week or more. It’s a flexible gig job that gives back.

Ready to find a fulfilling part-time job? Click here to apply to become a Papa Pal .