Best Gig Economy Jobs in Palm Beach

Caregivers enjoy flexible hours and no long-term commitments, making it a perfect summer gig.

The future is here! The “gig economy” is a phrase used to describe the modern-day workplace where annual contracts are rare, people work several jobs at once, and folks are freelancers more than they are employees! You can take on this lifestyle anywhere, and Palm Beach County is as good a place as any. 

Palm Beach County is densely populated with a mixed demographic both by culture and age. This combination creates a wide array of opportunity for folks looking to avoid a 9 to 5.

1. Papa Pal

Papa is an on-demand service for seniors in need of a little help doing errands, tidying up the house or yard, or getting around. Most importantly, Papa Pals are caregivers who offer companionship. Caregivers enjoy flexible hours and no long-term commitments, making it a perfect summer gig. Even greater than that, Papa offers people a chance to impact the lives of the elderly and make a positive difference. 

Palm Beach County is known for its golf courses, beautiful aquatic landscape, and seniors. Being a retirement destination puts Papa Pals in major demand. There are few places better to take part in this mission to help the elderly community. Make some moolah on your own schedule and help people while doing it with Papa. Apply now

2. Delivery driver

The delivery job title is no longer reserved just for the pizza guy. Everything is delivered in today’s world. Lunch, dinner, packages, groceries, and even people. If you like to drive, there’s a job for you. Postmates, Uber, Amazon, InstaCart are all viable ways to make great additional income. 

By mastering the systems and homing in on efficiency you can even make it a full-time job. Bonus points if you deliver on a bike.  

3. Start an e-commerce business

This suggestion may come as a surprise but starting your own e-commerce website is not as intimidating as it sounds. Nowadays there are tons of resources available that explain the how and the where of starting your own e-commerce business. So now you can make and sell your own beauty products, knickknacks, or whatever you think the world needs!

Amazon has created an incredible online marketplace for both consumers and sellers. They offer storage facilities, shipping services, and a customization dashboard to help manage your own Amazon product business. If you’re more of an independent soul, then WordPress, Squarespace, and Etsy are just a few options that can break you apart from the online behemoth that is Amazon.

4. Freelance

More companies today are outsourcing jobs such as content writing, graphic design, consulting, coaching, and plenty more. Do you understand diet & exercise? You can come up with a fitness and meal plan and sell it online. Are you good with organization? That’s a skill set people are now seeking (and paying) outside assistance for. 

More digital opportunities are available because the internet is a huge public forum. Write down your best talents and skills and find how you can use those to your benefit.

Well, there you have it, there are endless ways to make money without sitting in a cubicle all day making sales calls. Embrace the technology you have available and be your own boss!

Learn more information about becoming a Papa Pal.