Best Gig Economy Jobs in Orlando

Caregivers enjoy flexible hours and no long-term commitments, making it a perfect summer gig.

Nowadays, jobs don’t always mean a 9-5 schedule, a cubicle, and a manager nagging you every time you come in late. Jobs in 2019 can take on many shapes, and almost everyone had a “side-hustle”. Thanks to technology we have opportunities we never dreamed of, and any service you can imagine is available at your fingertips. Every service needs a provider and providers need employees like YOU to keep customers happy in Orlando.

The gig-economy is here, and that’s good news for those looking to boost their income. Utilize these technology-driven “gigs” and start making dough today!

1. Papa Pal

Papa is an on-demand service for seniors in need of a little help doing errands, getting around, or just in search of some companionship. Our Pals enjoy flexible hours and no long-term commitments, making it a perfect “gig”. At Papa you can make a difference in peoples lives and make money doing it!

Orlando is a rapidly growing city that serves about 100 million tourists a year, and that creates a lot of traffic. Orlando is filled with parks, shops, and attractions well-suited for seniors. The issue is accessibility. Join Papa and you can help bring this joy back into their lives. Apply here

2. Influencer

You see them all the time. Instagrammers rack up thousands of “likes” with a picture of a dog, or of them lounging on the beach. But, did you know they get paid up to thousands of dollars for a post advertising a product? These photo-sharing, caption-writing all-stars are known as “influencers”. They utilize their massive following to create value for companies looking to advertise.

This type of success doesn’t happen overnight, but if you have a passion and a creative spirit, there are platforms where you can turn that energy into a miniature business.

3. Uber or Lyft

In case you haven’t noticed, no one rides in taxis anymore. Uber and Lyft have disrupted the market with a cleaner, accessible, and more enjoyable business model. Ride hailing apps are growing in popularity by the day. They’re easy to use and applying to work as a driver is just as easy. You can interact with people and make your own schedule with this sweet side-hustle.

You should beware of drunks and traffic jams, but overall, Uber and Lyft are great options to supplement your income stream.

4. Freelancer

Access to the internet has created a very efficient marketplace for those in need of help. If you need a handyman, you can find one on Craigslist or Facebook. Same goes if you need a plumber, or an electrician, a personal trainer, or even a writer!

Nowadays there are one-off transactions happening constantly within different online markets. If you’re a half-decent artist, or you can handle someone’s tech issues, create a logo and a Facebook business page. Now you can organize your message, advertise for those in need of help, and start your new business venture with the literal “click of a mouse”.

Well, there you have it! The future is here and there are endless ways to make money without sitting in a cubicle all day making sales calls. Embrace the technology we have available to us and go be your own boss! 

Click here for more information about Papa.