Nashville tours for Seniors

One of Nashville’s lesser known characteristics is its popularity among retirees and seniors.

Explore the many things to do in Nashville for seniors

Nashville is the capital of and most populated city in Tennessee. It is well renowned for its influence in music, especially country and rhythm & blues. Nashville is filled with rich, cultural neighborhoods and has a reputation for being an all-around fun city.

Walking tours

Walking tours rank among the top of Nashville tours for seniors. There's no better way to enjoy a day outside than strolling around the city and taking in all the culture & history it has to offer. Nashville has numerous walking tours, so you can find one that suits your interests. Breweries, country music, or local foods are all popular themes that anyone can enjoy.

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Discover scenic Nashville

One of Nashville’s lesser known characteristics is its popularity among retirees. As a matter of fact, Nashville was recently ranked as the #7 Best Place to Retire in the entire United States via U.S. News & World Report.

If you’re looking for a place to start, we always recommend checking out the local senior centers. There you can see what types of events are planned and get some additional guidance on all the things to do in Nashville for seniors.

One of the much bigger senior centers in Nashville is called FiftyForward. It is a broader resource for adults aged 50 and up to help them live longer, healthier, and happier lives. FiftyForward was founded way back in 1956 and now oversees and operates multiple senior centers for the elderly in Tennessee. Their impact has eclipsed over 20,000 people annually.

Bordeaux and Donelson Station are two centers that FiftyForward operates in Nashville.

Nashville, Tennessee

If you’re looking to schedule your own activities, I recommend considering some of the most popular stops in Nashville listed below. There is plenty to do, so you won’t have any problem finding tours for seniors in Nashville or outside of the city.

General Jackson Showboat river tour

General Jackson Showboat

The General Jackson is one of the largest showboats ever built. The entertainment on board will give you a true taste of Nashville all while cruising down the Cumberland River. Check out their event calendar and prepare to be amazed. Holidays, concerts, and simple tours can all be enjoyed from the General Jackson.

Winery tours

Nashville is more commonly associated with whiskey than wine, but grapes have always been a staple crop of Tennessee. Nashville is home to over 40 wineries and 150 vineyards. That means you can have your pick based on location and terrain. Arrington Vineyards is one we recommend. It sits on a 92-acre property that hosts tours and tastings. They even have their own concert series!

Bike the Greenway

Bike the Greenway: Explore Nashville on a Bike

Bike the Greenway is one of the most popular Nashville tours for Seniors. They operate in Nashville and rent bikes to encourage active exploration. There are multiple trails that can give you a taste of nature or lead you right into downtown depending on what you’re looking for. Find them over at Shelby Park and take a day to explore Nashville from a different perspective.

Centennial Park

Centennial Park is one of Nashville’s biggest and best parks. The park sits on over 132 acres with a plethora of monuments, trails, and places to hang out. You can bring the dog, play some volleyball, or just appreciate the history in their on-site museum. The Parthenon alone is worth the trip. Centennial Park is a must-see in Nashville.

Other things to do in Nashville for seniors

Nashville, despite its rowdy reputation, is a well-rounded and senior friendly city. Music has no age limits, and there are plenty of other forms of entertainment to go along with it. Comedy, theater, and rich history are all at your fingertips in Nashville.

Restaurants and bars

Nashville is an absolute haven for delicious food. There are plenty of individual neighborhoods all with their own identity and selection of cuisine. Our favorites are below.


Germantown has a quiet, historic vibe to it with historic homes and old-school architecture. It’s located jut north of Downtown and hosts some of Nashville’s most nationally recognized eateries.

East Nashville

Food from East Nashville

You can’t spell “East” without “Eat” and that’s exactly what people do most when hanging out in East Nashville. Trendy bites and craft cocktails are helping propel East Nashville as one of the city’s most popular neighborhoods.

Nolensville Road

Nolensville Road offers one of Nashville’s most diverse dining selections. If you’re looking for authentic street tacos or real-deal gyros, then look no further. Check out Plaza Mariachi while you’re in the neighborhood and feel the energy with live music and events.  

Cultural Activities for seniors in Nashville

I cannot stress enough the mix of entertainment and history that Nashville has to offer. When you combine those two with the city’s popularity, you get a culture that is impossible to replicate. Whether you’re in town for a weekend or a local, below are some of our favorite senior-friendly cultural experiences in Nashville.

Grand Ole Opry

You’ve probably heard of Grand Ole Opry whether you’ve been to Nashville or not. It’s known around the country as one of music’s biggest stages and has featured the best that country music has to offer. The Opry originated back in 1925 as nothing more than a radio broadcast. Fast Forward almost 100 years and it is now by far Tennessee’s most popular attraction.

Country Music Hall of Fame

Country Music Hall of Fame

Are you catching the music theme yet? The Country Music Hall of Fame is a coming together of both history and entertainment. It serves as both a museum and a live entertainment venue, so check the calendar and see if you can enjoy both!  

Third Coast Comedy Club

The Third Coast Comedy Club is Nashville’s only improv comedy club. They feature nationally trained comics and offer classes & workshops for those trying to master the craft of comedy themselves. Third Coast Comedy even works as a non-profit and runs youth programs to help improve children’s lives through the art of improv.

Johnny Cash Museum

The Johnny Cash Museum is a Nashville favorite, and is one of the few attractions that has earned a AAA Gem Rating. The museum is located Downtown, and is a must see, especially if you’re a fan.

With so many senior-friendly activities, we want you to enjoy Nashville, Tennessee! 

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