Activities for Seniors in Lansing, Michigan

Whether you’re looking for good eats or fun ways to spend a weekend, local senior centers are your best starting point.

Lansing is the capital city of Michigan and the fifth largest city in the state. Lansing is ranked as the #41 “Best Place to Live” from US News and is home to the Michigan State University Spartans. There is an abundance of activities for seniors in Lansing.

If you're interested in working with seniors and older adults in Michigan, it's a great time to work as a Papa Pal companion caregiver. Photo by Josh Robertson on Unsplash.

Work with seniors in Lansing

If you're interested in working with seniors in Lansing, consider becoming a Papa Pal companion caregiver.

The role of a Papa Pal varies from day to day. Some Papa Pals lend a hand around the house and help with errands, housekeeping and gardening. Others offer company on a walk around the neighborhood or provide transportation to help seniors and older adults enjoy everything their community has to offer. It’s a great part-time job for friendly people.

Get started exploring Lansing

Whether you’re looking for good eats or fun ways to spend a weekend, local senior centers are your best starting point. Lansing is home to several established senior centers that coordinate events and provide services to the senior population.

Meridian Senior Center: The Meridian Senior Center has a strong belief in the importance of staying active both physically and socially for senior well-being. They serve meals, host informational demonstrations, and orchestrate fun activities.

Prime Time Senior’s Program­: Prime-Time Senior’s Program is a nationally accredited program organized by Michigan State University. Prime Time Senior’s Program has over 200 wellness programs committed to providing extraordinary care and services to the senior population of Lansing and beyond.

If you’re looking to schedule your own activities, I recommend considering some of the most popular stops in Lansing listed below.

Potter Park Zoo

Potter Park Zoo is an absolute staple of Lansing Michigan. It’s home to over 100 species of animals and offer private meet and greets in case you want to get up close and personal. Potter Park even hosts a sip and tour with wine provided! Potter Park Zoo is family friendly and always a good time. Make sure you stop by!

River Trail

River Trail is a paved parkway for bikers and other alternative transportation methods. It runs for over 20 miles and can take you anywhere you want to go! Beyond that, River Trail is a beautiful scenic path that can serve as a highway for several other parks and activities. Take it to the zoo, Hawk Island Park, or Old Town!


For senior’s in Lansing there is a wide variety of championship courses, and senior-friendly courses. Groesbeck even offers a senior rate which is uncommon for most courses. Join the senior’s league at, Morrison Lake Golf Club and be a part of their weekly meet ups.

The Michigan Princess

If you want the true Grand River experience, you must check out the Michigan Princess. A true 5-star experience, The Michigan Princess is a fully enclosed steamboat that takes river cruising to a whole new level. The Michigan Princess hosts several events each week where seniors can enjoy dinner, music, and entertainment all while enjoying a beautiful view.

Carl G Fenner Nature Center 

The Fenner Nature Center is a non-profit organization focused on conserving the beautiful wildlife of Michigan. Through education, appreciation, and commitment, the Fenner Nature Center has earned a fantastic reputation throughout Lansing. They host events as well as public programs. If you’re looking for a scenic day outdoors there is no better spot to enjoy than the Carl G Fenner Nature Center.

Fun activities for seniors in Lansing

Lansing, Michigan is filled activities for the entire family, seniors included. Shopping, music, and sports are some of the categories that Lansing’s proud to host. Lansing is known for having big city amenities and a local feel. If you’re looking for fun activities that can be enjoyed any time of year, take a look at the list below.

Restaurants and bars in Lansing for seniors

The East Lansing Farmers Market is a must-see if you’re looking for farm-fresh groceries or a quick bite. All the food is 100% homegrown and enjoyable over the sound of live music. Make sure you put some time aside to enjoy the scene, and remember they’re only open on Sundays! Old Town in Lansing is a local’s favorite when it comes to foodie neighborhoods.

Old Town is filled with historic significance and the city has taken it upon themselves to ensure that history is protected and celebrated. Whether you’re looking for coffee, steaks, or pizza; Old Town is a great place to spend the day and grab lunch or dinner.

Cultural activities for seniors in Lansing, Michigan

As the capital of Michigan, Lansing is a city rich with history and culture. Festivals, museums, and arts all an integral part of Lansing’s identity. Everyone has their own interests, but below are some of our best recommendations for cultural activities around Lansing.

Michigan State Capital

Lansing is home to the Michigan State Capital building, and it is absolutely worth a visit. Originally opened in 1879, the Capital received an award-winning restoration in 1992 when it was declared a National Landmark. Plan a tour and appreciate the American history that often goes unappreciated.

Taking a guided tour of the Michigan State Capitol Building is one of many fascinating activities for seniors in Lansing.
Taking a guided tour of the Michigan State Capitol Building is one of many fascinating activities for seniors in Lansing. Photo by Bimatshu Pyakuryal on Unsplash.

Old Transportation Museum

The Transportation Museum is a local favorite and speaks to the automobile identity of Michigan. Recognized as one of the ten best auto museums in the United States, Old Transportation Museum is a perfect way to spend a day. You’ll see some of the rarest cars in the world and make memories you’ll never forget.

Sculpture Walk

The Sculpture Walk of Lansing Michigan is a fun way to get some exercise and appreciate the local arts efforts within Lansing. Home to over 30 locally made sculptures, the trail runs right through downtown.

Turner Dodge Heritage House

The Turner Dodge Heritage House is a nod to the progressive leaders of early Michigan that helped create the culture we enjoy today. This home is available for tours and private events and is a perfect spot to reminisce with family about the origins of Michigan. 

With so many senior-friendly activities, we want you to visit Lansing, Michigan. 

Become a Papa Pal companion caregiver

If supporting seniors in Lansing sounds good to you, consider becoming a Papa Pal companion caregiver. It's a flexible, part-time job that gives back.

When you work as a Papa Pal, you can support your community in different ways and make a meaningful difference. Click here to learn more.