Activities for Seniors in Grand Rapids

When looking for senior-friendly activities in Grand Rapids, one of the first things we suggest is to check out local organizations.

Grand Rapids offers an abundance of activities for all ages

Grand Rapids is one of the largest cities in Michigan located along the Grand River. Also known as the River City, Grand Rapids is home to some of the countries most beautiful parks and trails. And for seniors in Grand Rapids, there are an abundance of options for activities to enjoy both indoors and outdoors when weather permits.

Grand Rapids is made up of a diverse population including unique neighborhoods that all have their own identity. The Grand Rapids Major Metropolitan area has a dense population of over 1,000,000 people. 

Work with seniors in Grand Rapids as a Papa Pal companion caregiver.
If you're interested in working with seniors and older adults in Grand Rapids, it's a great time to work as a Papa Pal companion caregiver. Photo by Troy Spoelma on Unsplash.

Work with seniors in Grand Rapids

If you're interested in working with seniors and older adults in Grand Rapids, consider becoming a Papa Pal companion caregiver.

The role of a Papa Pal varies from day to day. Some Papa Pals lend a hand around the house and help with errands, housekeeping and gardening. Others offer company on a walk around the neighborhood or provide transportation to help seniors and older adults enjoy everything their community has to offer. It’s a great part-time job for friendly people.

Where to start in Grand Rapids

When looking for senior-friendly activities in Grand Rapids, one of the first things we suggest is to check out their local organizations that specifically curate events and activities for the senior population.

Senior Neighbors

This dedicated center in Grand Rapids Michigan provides a ton of services above and beyond your typical cooking classes and bingo nights. They offer transportation, counseling, home maintenance, and a robust activity schedule.

Ray & Joan KROC Center

Ray and Joan KROC Center

The KROC Center is a membership program but offer affordable events for non-members as well. Their “Senior Fridays” program is a great choice when planning your weekend.

Northview Senior Citizens

Northview Senior Citizens has more a bootstrapped, locally organized feel. They offer some incredibly well put-together day trips that you can’t find anywhere else. Beyond their interactive learning and programming, Northview provides thoughtful and practical services such as tax prep and even attorney consultation.

Outdoor activities for seniors in Grand Rapids

If you’re looking to schedule your own activities, we recommend considering some of the most popular stops in Grand Rapids listed below.

Millennium Park

Millennium Park

The largest park in Michigan and one of the largest “urban parks” in the entire nation. Millennium Park offers beach passes, a golf course, and picnic areas spread across over 1400 acres of rolling terrain. Rent a boat or walk a trail there are endless ways to enjoy this outdoor destination.

Heritage Hill

Not your typical “outdoor activity”, Heritage Hill offers seniors a chance to enjoy some of the rich history of Michigan. This neighborhood has fought hard to maintain its original integrity and offers tours and holds a slew of historical designations.

Robinette’s Winery

Robinette’s Winery has been a part of Western Michigan for literally over 100 years. This is a perfect destination for outdoor, senior-friendly fun. Haryides, corn mazes, and cider tasting are just a few options for how to spend your day at this true family destination.

Reed’s Lake

Not far from the city-center, Reed’s Lake offers a scenic walking trail and a quiet place to relax, eat, or just watch the clouds above the water. The lake is naturally inhabited by many unique species of birds such as the great blue heron and has a deep supply of fish and other wildlife. Bring a blanket and some sandwiches and enjoy a perfect picnic destination.These are just a few of the many parks and trails Grand Rapids Michigan has to offer. Some other great spots include Provin Trails, Huff Park, Riverside Park, Johnson Park, and many more.

Fun activities in Grand Rapids

A horse statue in Grand Rapids park

Beyond the Grand Rapids outdoor appeal, this major metro area offers some vibrant city-scape, and historical landmarks that make for fun, senior-friendly activities as well. Plus, being outside is not always an option for those who enjoy Michigan year-round.

Restaurants and bars in Grand Rapids for seniors

Restaurant in Grand River

Grand Rapids Michigan offers a naturally beautiful city-scape with the Grand River running right through its core. When looking for spots to enjoy a meal or a drink with your elderly loved ones, we recommend scoping out the Grand River or Reed’s Lake for a waterfront affair.

If you’re looking for some more diverse and culturally exciting options, check out the Southtown District. This neighborhood is filled with tastes from around the world as well as a diverse population. For something a bit more American-historic, check out the North Quarter. The neighborhood is known for lots of open green space and overall walkability. Ideal for a calm day just outside the busiest part of the city.

Cultural activities in Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids is an American city with a deep connection to its historical roots. Check out some of the senior-friendly spots below to enjoy a lot of what Grand Rapids holds near and dear.

Meyer May House

Meyer May House

The Meyer May House was built in 1908 and designed by Frank Lloyd Right. In 1987 this beautifully designed and built home was made open to the public. The Meyer May House is a glorious demonstration of American architecture that has been wonderfully restored with meticulous attention to detail. The furnishings, exterior, and overall condition of the house is jaw-dropping. Best of all, tours are free.

Downtown Market Grand Rapids

This Food Hall provides a venue to over 20 different restaurateurs, hosts events, cooking classes, and overall provides a spark to the culinary culture in Grand Rapids. Come for a drink, a bite, or just to witness the energy you can achieve by bringing so many great people together.

Frederik Meijer Gardens

Frederik Meijer Gardens

The Meijer Gardens is a sculpture park, botanical garden, an amphitheater, and so much more. This venue can absolutely be an entire week’s worth of entertainment. Between the wildlife and natural beauty, you can catch their Summer concert tours and even become a member. One of the most popular namesakes in Grand Rapids, Frederik Meijer is senior (and family) friendly.

Gerald Ford Presidential Museum

If American history is the least bit interesting to you, I highly suggest checking out the Gerald Ford Museum. They offer a senior citizen discount to their many lectures, rotating exhibits, and artifacts brought in from all over the country. Gerald Ford was born in Grand Rapids Michigan, so calling it part of the culture here is an understatement.  

Enjoy your time in Grand Rapids!

Become a Papa Pal companion caregiver

If helping seniors and older adults to enjoy some of these fun places in Grand Rapids sounds good to you, consider becoming a Papa Pal. You can choose to help others with transportation, so they can benefit from all the area has to offer.

When you work part-time as a Papa Pal, you can support your community in myriad ways and make a meaningful difference. Click here to learn more.