7 Ideas To Celebrate This Father’s Day

When we celebrate Father’s Day it’s important to do more than just the standard phone call and card.

Father’s Day is a wonderful time of the year. Husbands and Dads have a day to be celebrated, and we get to do something special to show them appreciation and create joy in their life. Papa wants to be a part of that!

Father’s Day is an opportunity to show gratitude to our dads, make the day theirs, and celebrate all that they’ve done for us.

Unfortunately, the reality for some is that we don’t live as close to our elderly loved ones as we’d like.

For those seniors, these holiday times can be lonely, but Papa can be the source of physical companionship and celebration that brightens their holiday. Our passionate Papa Pals want to make sure your Papa gets the love they so very much deserve, even if you can’t be there yourself.

An elderly man looking happy while playing chess with his Papa Pal

Papa Pal can be the hug that you send to your dad to wish him a Happy Father’s Day, or the heartwarming smile that makes their holiday special.

Wish you could see the look on your dad’s face as he reads your Father’s Day Card? Even better, you can wish him one with the grandchildren by your side as you look into his eyes via a Facetime call that our Papa Pals would be more than happy to help coordinate.

When we celebrate Father’s Day it’s important to do more than just the standard phone call and card.

We at Papa think they deserve an entire day. Start with a homemade breakfast or brunch reservation, break out the cards, and get going on an adventurous day your father will remember all the way through next year.

Papa Pals can help with all the above, and if you need some recommendations on other activities you or your Papa Pal can enjoy with dad, see our favorites below:

Nature trails

Take a peaceful stroll with your dad and take a few hours to talk, observe nature, and enjoy each other’s company.

Matinee movie

It’s so rare we get to enjoy a movie with our elderly loved ones, Father’s Day is a perfect opportunity to make the trip.

Go out to eat

If you had breakfast at home, take your dad to lunch with a view. Maybe one of his favorite places he doesn’t get to go to so often anymore.

Look through photo albums

Nothing beats reminiscing about great family memories, and Father’s Day is a perfect excuse to do just that.

Sporting event

Depending on your location, odds are you can catch a baseball or soccer game this time of year, and they’ll probably be celebrating Father’s Day at the stadium too.

Walk around a local Farmer’s Market

Between the people, food, and rustle & bustle, a farmer’s market can be a great place for a fun-filled day with dad.


For dads who prefer a quieter, more artistic setting; a day at the museum will be time well spent.

Happy Father's Day to all dads!