Papa Pal Post: April ’24

Discover our latest newsletter introducing “masked” phone numbers. Explore visit restrictions in the new “Please Do Not” section and find inspiration from Papa Pal Ida’s impactful story.

Phone number privacy protection is here!

Introducing “masked” phone numbers for Pals and members

Last month we teased the news that "masked" phone numbers were on their way. We’re excited to say they are now live! Here is what you need to know:

What are masked numbers? 

They're temporary phone numbers assigned to you and each member you visit. These numbers allow communication about visits while maintaining everyone's privacy for added safety.

How do they work?

  • Automatic assignment: When you call a member through the Papa Pal app, both parties will now see each other's assigned phone number beginning with "786-998...".
  • Unique to each relationship: These numbers will remain the same for the duration of your relationship.
  • Supports voice calls only: Currently, this feature supports voice calls only. Text messages will receive an automated response directing participants to call instead.

Your safety is our top priority so we strongly encourage you to communicate exclusively through the masked phone numbers provided by Papa. Sharing personal numbers is discouraged to maintain your privacy and security.

Learn more about masked numbers here.

Introducing the "Please Do Not" section

Visit restrictions are now easier to view

Health plans may have restrictions on how their members can be supported so we’ve made it easier to see and understand these on upcoming visits. Now, you'll find them in a new section labeled "Please Do Not." 

Here are some common examples of visit restrictions you may encounter:

  • Member is ineligible for transportation services
  • Time limits on visits (e.g., visits cannot exceed x hours or the scheduled duration)
  • Driving distance limits (e.g., members cannot be driven more than x miles per visit)

For more details on visit tasks and restrictions, check out our "Understanding Visit Tasks" guide.

Q & A

What should I do if a member requests a task different from the one initially listed for the visit?

Kindly inform the member they need to contact Papa Support to request the change to the visit. This makes sure that Papa best understands what the member needs and also that you're not completing any unauthorized tasks. If they choose not to request the change, please offer assistance with the other tasks listed for their visit.

For further guidance on handling situations like this, consult our "Handling Unapproved Tasks" guide.

*Pal Tip:
Always make sure to have your members schedule new visits through Papa Support. This helps ensure:
1) The member is eligible for the requested tasks and the time required to complete them
2) The visit is tracked in our system correctly
3) You are compensated correctly and promptly

Meet Papa Pal Ida

Advocating for her members at every turn

Get inspired by the powerful impact Ida has on her members, including changing one member’s life for the better, in just a single day

An ever-determined ally, Papa Pal Ida makes it her mission to help her members understand the resources available to them and access the support they need, whether it’s food assistance, safe housing, hot water, or a home health aide.

Read Ida's full story here.