Pal News: January ’23

Meet Sunal, a Papa Pal based in Oregon, get tips on meeting new members and more.

Meet Papa Pal Sunal

“There is no boundary to connection if you desire to be a friend, to know people. You just have to find common ground.” – Sunal, Papa Pal

Sunal is a Papa Pal based in Oregon who grew up in India. He spent time with the people who lived near him, hearing their stories, and their advice. Sunal also had a sense of adventure and wanted to see the world, so he decided to go to graduate school in the United States. He loved his new country—and dove into life and work—but he missed the community that he had grown up in. So he joined Papa.

Read Sunal's full story here.

Pal Education Hub

Review the latest from our Papa Learning Team

As we enter a new year, many members will meet a Papa Pal for the first time. That means: You may be the first person they meet from Papa. 

If they ask about ways Pals can help, feel free to share some of the items mentioned in our Papa Pal Service Scope. This provides details on tasks Pals can support—like companionship and rides to the doctor’s office—and tasks that are excluded. 

Members might ask you to complete a task that is not on the approved task list. In those instances, we empower you to politely decline and let your member know you have not been trained or approved to handle that type of task. This Responding to Unapproved Tasks guide is designed to support you in situations like these or any others that may arise. 

Remember, Papa’s support line is available for urgent concerns: 800-775-5697. Please save it on your phone. (Do not use this line if you have an emergency. Instead, call 9-1-1.)

Q & A

What happens if I miss a visit with a Papa member?

Members rely on Papa Pals like you to provide vital social support and companionship. With this in mind, please be thoughtful when accepting visits and only commit to those that work for your schedule. 

Missed visits and cancellations can leave a member without a ride to a doctor’s appointment or unable to get groceries. Please keep in mind, that last-minute cancellations may affect your ability to see and accept visits.

*Check out our Community Standards and learn how kindness, integrity, and safety are at the foundation of everything we do.

Papa Pal App Update

New transportation details

We know that many visits you complete include driving members to doctor's appointments, grocery stores, the pharmacy, and more! 

Oftentimes, members have multiple stops to make during their visit. Now when you accept a visit in the app, you can view them ahead of time. (Example: A member needs to go to the grocery store and the pharmacy. After you accept this visit, you’ll be able to see the destinations and addresses.)