Preferred Pal Basics

Understand what it means to be a Preferred Pal and how to become one.

What is a Preferred Pal?

Preferred Pals are Pals who foster a connection, build trust, and go on routine visits with the same member.

Preferred Pal Benefits

Being a Preferred Pal comes with several advantages:

  • Priority Access: You're the first to know when your member schedules a visit and you can see and accept it before other Pals.
  • Rescheduling Visits from App: Look for the rescheduling option at the bottom of the Visit Details screen. *For medical appointment visits, members will need to reschedule themselves.
  • Consistent Visits: Establishing a Preferred Pal and member relationship means visits you can count on. 
  • Member Understanding: By seeing the same members again and again, you will start to better understand their needs, preferences, and routines. Knowing what to expect makes your visits easier and more comfortable.
  • Stronger Connections: Regular visits with the same member can lead to greater trust and meaningful, long-lasting relationships.

How to Become a Preferred Pal

Here's how to increase your chances of being chosen by a member as a Preferred Pal:

  • Build Trust: Be reliable, punctual, and respectful during every visit. Ask questions, listen to what members are sharing and telling you, and don’t be afraid to share things about yourself too.
  • Focus on Member Needs: Confirm the member’s needs and requested tasks before each visit and do your best to complete those tasks.
  • Remind your Member about Preferred Pals: After a great visit, gently remind them of the Preferred Pal feature. Let them know they can request you as a Preferred Pal by calling Papa Support, or when booking their future visits.

TIP: If you had an amazing time with a member and wish to visit them again, try and accept their visits when you see them available on the Papa Pal app!

Maintaining Preferred Pal Connections

Once you've been chosen as a Preferred Pal, there are steps you can take to keep the relationship.

  • Be Available: Check the "My Requests" section in the Papa Pal app for any available visits from your Preferred Pal. Be open to being flexible and accommodating the member's schedule.
  • Provide Consistent Care: Maintain the high level of companionship that led to your Preferred Pal status. Check in with the member to ensure their needs and preferences continue to be met.

Becoming a Preferred Pal can be a rewarding experience for both you and the member. By offering consistent, high-quality care, you can increase your chances of becoming a Preferred Pal and enriching the lives of Papa members you visit.