Verifying a Papa Pal’s Identity

Our digital ID enables real-time identity verification, directly within the Papa Pal app, to elevate your security.

In our continual effort to elevate security and convenience for both members and Papa Pals, we’ve introduced a feature within the Papa Pal app to help you easily verify your Pal's identity. This digital ID is designed to bring you and your Papa Pal peace of mind so you can foster a higher degree of trust from the start.

How does the digital ID work?

Upon their arrival, you may ask your Papa Pal to present their digital ID, which they can access directly in the Papa Pal app. This badge displays essential, timely information, including the Papa Pal's and your names. The Pal can also initiate a real-time phone call from the badge so you can easily and quickly confirm your Pal's identity for an added layer of security.

Benefits for members

With this digital ID feature, members benefit from:

  • Increased security: The badge enables Papa Pals to authenticate their identity through the app, significantly reducing the risk of impersonation and providing members like you with peace of mind.
  • Instant verification: The ability to call members directly from the in-app digital ID enables instant confirmation, ensuring the person on your doorstep is indeed your designated Papa Pal.
  • Building trust: This feature helps foster a stronger sense of trust between Pals and members by adding another layer of security to your interactions.