Understanding our Community Standards

When you agree to receive a visit from a Papa Pal, you are contributing to the world we want to make—a world where nobody has to go it alone.

Kindness, integrity, and safety are the foundation of every interaction. These principles extend to all involved in moving our mission forward. 

Kindness: We choose kindness 

We strive to “be a Pal” in all that we do. We go above and beyond to act with care and compassion no matter the circumstance. We exemplify empathy and understanding.

Integrity: We do what’s right  

We are true to our word.  We trust each other with personal information. We show up when and where we say we will. We always act with integrity and hold ourselves accountable for our actions. We follow the law. We respect our differences and look for common ground.

Safety: We prioritize safety

We need to keep the Papa community safe for everyone, and therefore, we look after one another. We don’t put anybody’s safety at risk and we treat others’ property like we would our own.

We will place members under investigation and potentially prohibit them from using Papa again if they pose a danger to our Papa Pals, or commit an illegal act towards them, including assault, sexual harassment, and more.